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btw im not pressed about this i just think its funny as hell

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I love that combo, other colors just don’t hit like they do
19 days ago
crayons fgsfds
although i like pink and pastels, some saturation is good. pinker pinks are nice
20 days ago
Ngl so far I haven't seen a single other person with astral dark blue room PICTURE #3084258
20 days ago
They're so cute tho
20 days ago
I think it's a nice combo. Those light colors give me a calming vibe and it's feminine. I'm personally not into bold colors. But it'll be cool to see lavender plus light blue rooms. Since those are my favorite colors.

Or see someone dip into that ombre trend. The gradients look so sick! But I'm assuming not many users on here paint that way due to the costs. Which is understandable. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0271/5526/7672/products/ComptoWhiteChair.jpg
20 days ago
They look good but I'd love to see a blue or green room. Whenever I move, although that won't be soon, I'd love to paint my room a turquoise colour.
20 days ago
PeachyKirby21 days ago#109303906and they're cute every time ;)
My thoughts exactly. My room is tan and boring and I love seeing the cute pink rooms! Keep em coming.
20 days ago
Mitsuna リトルバスターズ最高!
I personally don't like pink at all so I avoid it as much as I can in my room, I was surprised that it seems to be that popular of a colour for rooms recently (^^;ワラ
21 days ago
meiyoneme21 days ago#109304473I keep thinking it's just one person and am baffled when I find out that it's a different room each time and they're all just identical

Wait until youtube suggests hour long TikTok compilations of pink/white room aesthetics to you.
21 days ago
It should be "Website Unavailable" that has on display for the 4th week straight
21 days ago
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