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    Jun 28, 2022

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Moved in my new flat in march, but now, finally I am closing in on the last figures.

Here you see a WIP from one of my three collectionrooms, the magical girl room!

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1 month ago
I love every single photo you post of your collection! This looks fantastic.
1 month ago
Love it! Ca'nt wait to see the rest of your collection rooms ❤️
1 month ago
Wow, this is so gorgeous and colourful! I would feel happy to wake up to a sight like this every day
1 month ago
monstergarou a hero at heart
I love to see pictures of your rooms! ♡u♡
1 month ago
absolutely lovely <3
1 month ago
madokaa Moon Prism Power Make Up!
we love magical girls! lovely
1 month ago
CapriSunnii1 month ago#111151321This is so gorgeous omg

Thanks >w< ♥
1 month ago
DeepSeaKitty1 month ago#111151279Ahh beautiful setup and collection!! :3 <3

Thankyou! It also really took a lot of time ahaha!
1 month ago
Julia1251 month ago#111151189Your photos are always my favorite, everything is so beautifully set up! Gorgeous setup and shot ^^

Thank you so much ;w; ♥ comments like this really make my day!
1 month ago
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