Best Goods from Japan
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I’m happy! \^O^/

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Klon12 days ago#120159695Hahaha! Sounds like hidden truth of a collectors life. I do understand, a collection certainly isn’t what you need, it’s only what you can get.

POW. both comments hit me at critical spots haha but also gave me curiosity.I'll think about it, thank you
5 days ago
androx11 days ago#1202029681 in 7 people is happy. Might be 1/5, 4 girls and that one guy who looks kind of similar in 3 of the pics.
11 days ago
1 in 7 people is happy.
11 days ago
Understandable. Respect, respect. Carry on, citizen of the world.
11 days ago
love this lol
12 days ago
Everyone thinks my partner is the one with the sexy lady figures but it’s meeee
12 days ago
can confirm it do be like dat
12 days ago
12 days ago
12 days ago
lululao kawaii minimalist .。*♡
This literally made my day! Thank you! Unfortunately I'm very lucky that my partner is a weeb as well, so can't relate, haha. :P
12 days ago
Best Goods from Japan

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