Kyuubey in the Magimix.Figures/

SazakoSazako12 years ago
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That is the question.

4ArndDare you to switch it on... :-)

I dare not push that button. I'm afraid Kyuubies made of cotton View spoilerHide spoilerdon't respawn.

Yes I have a feeling he will blend.
12 years ago
I wonder if it tastes like a Marshmallow. No, more like cotton.
12 years ago
Noo, рoor little Kyuubey!
12 years ago
They should have done this in the series. Way less problems >)
12 years ago
Strife212 Original Blue
Lol, Magi Mix
12 years ago
4Arnd 4ア一ンド
Dare you to switch it on... :-)
12 years ago
next image please :3
12 years ago
Fishcaek All Dogs go to Heaven :3
12 years ago
De-JaYThat is the question.2nd this!

and I just realized... MAGI-MIX!
12 years ago
Kibi Prisma Kibino
@De-Jay lol I was thinking exactly the same when I saw the thumb XD
12 years ago