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wave lucy nyuu elfen_lied


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SbebiWan PVC Addict
Vivime6 years ago#1765727Hi ^^
I hope you're doing fine.
I'm on a hunt to find a Lucy figure for a friend. I noticed you have one.
This figure is expensive, and if you'r willing to sell it we'll negotiate about the price :)
Looking forward for your reply ~

Hi, sorry, she's not for sale!
6 years ago
I think this is one of the few figures of Elfen Lied, except for Nana... very pretty and wished!

@SbebiWan GOSH! You're so lucky x.X I'm envious xDDD~~~
10 years ago
SbebiWan PVC Addict
I have been lucky with this one ^^
10 years ago
I really wish she wasn't so hard to find >_<
10 years ago
Lenneth the blue valkyrie
what a fantastic model of Nyu. It looks even better than the prototype. Maybe the alt head helps. xDDDD
11 years ago
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