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More like Haremonogatari, right?

figma nendoroid_petit yamato max_factory good_smile_company bakemonogatari senjougahara_hitagi trigun hanekawa_tsubasa araragi_koyomi vash_the_stampede sengoku_nadeko hachikuji_mayoi kanbaru_suruga oshino_shinobu asai_(apsy)_masaki taira_hitoshi ugajin_masaaki
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About this picture

After getting Senjougahara, I wanted to make this picture.
But I couldn't wait for Hanekawa, so I decided to print her out (Kinda like Shamal in the Legend of Araragi-kun) - That ended up looking horrible.
Plan B was photoshopping her in, which worked out better as you can see.
No Fire Sisters, their petits just.. Didn't do it.

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