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This is like what they did with Peppermint Yuzuko.

Of course, the initial base wasn't freaking awesome like Peppermint, but they just made it worse by replacing it with a freaking ugly one. GJ GSC.
8 years ago
This made me not want to buy this figure.
8 years ago
forcing myself not to hate the base...i'm trying, just going to cover it with something nice =)
8 years ago
It really does look like she's about to jump..How depressing..
8 years ago
Go back to reddit.
8 years ago
What have you done GSC... What have you done...
8 years ago
Wake up GSC. This shit is terrible.
8 years ago
looking at it again it could just be that the angle of the photo suggests a bad leaning figure, which i personally hate (stopped displaying rikku for that reason) - i think that possibly the figure would look a lot better from head on or the other side, though that's just speculation i suppose
8 years ago
8 years ago
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