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Side of living room dedicated almost entirely to TYPE-MOON. Fate/Kara no Kyoukai on left, Tsukihime/MELTY BLOOD on right. Love the couch/futon but don't often sit on it in case I ruin things. Will eventually relocate the plushies and get a Saber mini-pillow so the futon can actually be used as a futon. Need a second similar-sized poster in the middle to fill the wall gap. See rest of pictures in my "Display" album for close-ups: profiles.php?us... (will take higher-quality photos after I've bought a real camera)

Alternate angle: PICTURE #518573
Other side: PICTURE #518574
Detolf #1: PICTURE #518578
Detolf #2: PICTURE #518584
Detolf #3: PICTURE #518590

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Wow. Nice room. I love your couch blanket
3 months ago
So awesome! *.*
7 years ago
Very impressive !
8 years ago
Foreverzero Bishoujo Hunter
That is quite a setup, good job.
8 years ago
That is so awesome, that I want to cut myself into 17 pieces.
8 years ago
8 years ago
8 years ago
8 years ago
Yeah I thought so.
Pretty annoying. Motored's base is a bit bigger than Distant Avalon's btw.
8 years ago
Keripo 「ケリポ」
UncleJoey8 years ago#1125679That was a somewhat ironic comment btw ;)

I assume those are detolfs? Would you be able to fit ITEM #5769 and ITEM #78585 on the same level or are the bases too big?

Yup, they are Detolfs. The front two Sabers barely fit and assuming the motorcycle base is bigger than the Ichiban prize Saber, you will probably have to stagger them instead of sidebyside
8 years ago