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PVC rave !!

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Evangelion portraits 1,2,3,4,5! Thanks to Rin who sells them all to me!!
Plus super deformed from Toricolle/Bandai.

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wo ma... è già passato un anno??
come siamo kawaii together <3 XD
7 years ago
I am currently selling the whole set for the movie portraits 4 of Evangelion. If you are interested PM me, and I can make you a deal.

The only available figures I have now are an Asuka in casual wear and a Rei in a nurse outfit.
8 years ago
XD I must show you my PVC rave!! XD XD ahhahaha

(il mio è un vero e proprio casino!! :P incastro con le basi e con le pose XD XD devo farmi la stanza nuovaaaaaaaa)
8 years ago