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    Jan 08, 2013
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About this picture

I noticed I had a few male figures with black pants and long legs. Although, Hijikata looks so tiny in comparison.

My eyes are always drawn to Shizuo <3

edit: Thank you all so much for the great and funny comments! :D

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Have them all ^__^
7 years ago
So sexy! <3 My eyes are drawn towards Shizuo too! Dem hips! <3
8 years ago
Shizu and Toshiro...sooo small *O* :C
8 years ago
Scales, lol.
Info from the mfc base
- Hijikata 25cm
- Sanji 23cm
8 years ago
This line up is right in so many ways!! <3
8 years ago
Bishies everywhere!!! Love it! :3
8 years ago
Love this. They're all so sexy! I own all these figures too :3 ~~
8 years ago
my god!! I want them all!! *__*
8 years ago
Hijikata is really small with other guys :o
8 years ago
Nice collection! I have three of these guys :3

I've noticed male figures have way duller colours and they just stand around a lot, which sucks cos I really like bright colours. Can't wait for my Aoba figure to brighten up my darkly-dressed male harem a bit!
8 years ago