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Loots 2010 Jun

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Here are loots I got off eBay, MFC, sellers at a local festival [love swap meets sponsored by PMX! :) ], and CraigsList back in June of 2010.

I love Noizi Ito so I was lucky to get all three books at once for a decent price off MFC. I don't really like Ah! My Goddess much, but the artwork is so lovely that I couldn't resist picking up the shitajiki and cels. All of the cels and pencil boards -- along with Saber Alter, a poster of Urd (not pictured), and a poster from Project A-ko (also not pictured) -- were from a fellow who advertised on CL but who is actually a member of a local anime club I'm in; what a small world!

I always forget something in these photos, and this time it was the Mahoro figure/PS2 game. >_<

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