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TnC crew and the pillow Part 2

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Or otherwise known as "Shiki, man of little (romantic) words" Haha, I'm being so mean to my Akira ^__^;; Shiki is still a bastard, though.

This is for Plank-chan whose b-day I missed ><;;; Congrats! Hope you like it, dear! x3 *hug* And I also hope you soon will have your own sexy pillow to enjoy~! ;)

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Haha, this is perfect.
4 years ago
gyaaa shiki LOL...
5 years ago
8 years ago
HAHAHA! Awesome comic! Love it!
8 years ago
Haha you did it! THANK YOU SO MUCH for the dedicatory! <3 <3
LMAO! That last scene is priceless, go, Aki, hit the baka Shiki! hahaha
But poor Aki, he got his stigma of a smexy, ready to be useful thing, and can't get rid of it! Sorry, no romance for him... And Shiki is a damn bastard, indeed! XDDDDDDDDDD
8 years ago
Ahh, It's so..so..soooo adorable and cute ^_^
And Shiki..heh, he's incorrigible, I think : )
8 years ago