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Shimapan Kazeko

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About this picture

Fun story.
Ordered her earlier at Mandarake for ~3000 yen.
Thought it was the standard ver, page didn't say it was anything else either.
Even when I got the box I only noticed it was completely sealed.
Only until I got her out of the plastic tray did I notice shimapan.
Neat surprise, it was the limited edition instead!

She only has a few black dots on her legs (on the non-view side, so not a huge bother). Pretty happy with it, especially for that price.

She doesn't really look 1/10 scale either, unlike Elsa in the back. Now she's small.
Kazeko is more in scale with Ignis and Al there, making her 1/8.

And Alice (Q;G) who's outside the frame should be a different scale too.. Being quite taller than Ignis if she stood straight. 1/6.. Maybe?

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