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drowrangerdrowranger7 years ago
vocaloid nendoroid_petit square_enix huke touhou_project nendoroid capcom megurine_luka saber kaito saber_lion hatsune_miku queen's_blade hakurei_reimu max_factory type_moon freeing konpaku_youmu k-on! saber_lily good_smile_company kuroshitsuji yagyu_jubei hyakka_ryouran hobby_japan saigyouji_yuyuko izayoi_sakuya tears_to_tiara akiyama_mio fate/stay_night kirisame_marisa nakano_azusa airi tako_luka tainaka_ritsu sea ciel_phantomhive dead_master steins;gate arawn sebastian_michaelis fate/tiger_colosseum makise_kurisu flandre_scarlet phat_company nitroplus strength ore_no_imouto_ga_konna_ni_kawaii_wake_ga_nai kyuubey haru-chan nendoron fate/unlimited_codes udono_kazuyoshi ageta_yukiwo team_shanghai_alice black_★_rock_shooter maruhige abe_masato jun_(e.v.) oda_tsuyoshi crypton_future_media black_★_gold_saw abe_takumi gokou_ruri good_smile_racing mahou_shoujo_madoka★magica kaname_madoka shiina_mayuri riela_marcellis oono_takeo aniplex haru-chan_no_kishou_mamechishiki digiturbo chan×co kami_nomi_zo_shiru_sekai charlotte puchitto_rock_shooter honma_meiko tomoe_mami akemi_homura mashiro_moritaka yune ikoku_meiro_no_croisée kawagoe_hiromitsu dog_days millhiore_f._biscotti toboso_yana harlan 5pb._games cheerful_japan! bakuman. nendoroid_petit:_vocaloid_#01 u/m/a/a elysia_de_rux_ima senjou_no_valkyria_3:_unrecorded_chronicles ano_hi_mita_hana_no_namae_o_bokutachi_wa_mada_shiranai wonder_festival_2012_[winter] takano_akihito katou_manabu itou_ryou-ichi

About this picture

My current nendoroids.
This is the hall bookshelf. My father used to have these shelves full of his books but last winter he packed them all up (in preparation for our future move) so they sat empty. I then moved all my nendos to the shelves... now that our move has been delayed another season, here they all remain for a bit longer. ^^

Dusting is a pain though....

It was hard to get a good picture too, I couldn't really get back far enough without running into the wall or a door frame. And I wish I would have removed that old cherry Miku bootleg nendo before I took this...

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dat shelf *q*
7 years ago
Hehe, nice story about the removing books^^
It's still funny that the Nendo are modern age/time and they all are in the rustic/nostalgic cupboard! :D Maybe change the color can make look modern, example white or after your taste, rosa? xD
How to remove the dust, I prefer use the airgun with compressor, sorry Idk the name in english >< That helps for me a lot to clean the figures like brand new condition and can remove the dust in every corner, etc. ^^ Of coruse the gun shouldn't too close to figure, approx more than 15 cm distance from the figure ;)
7 years ago
Nice collection and layout.
7 years ago
So neat and nice!
Cheerful Len and Rin cheering for nendoroid 300!
7 years ago
Very nice. I love your sword
7 years ago
So neatly arranged and grouped!
7 years ago
Very neat. :3 and many nendoroids. XD
7 years ago
wow it look nice :D
love your bookshelf
7 years ago
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