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June 2013 Loot

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Lots and lots of books this month. In addition to my usual manga preorders, there was a BL Haul, a stack of stuff purchased during a trip to Portland (including one more BL manga), and 2015, which had been one of my most-wanted Eva books for some time now.

Oh, and some figures, too! And Project X Zone!

July's going to be nuts. Fortunately, I just had a new display case arrive from Ikea yesterday morning (it was a birthday present =D) which has since been set up. Time to drag some figures out of storage, and also make room for new ones!

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R_Kasahara ( =₃=)*
escape_rope (5 years ago) #1588189omg did I just see Smurfs!
Yep :D
5 years ago
omg did I just see Smurfs!
5 years ago