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saber alter saber_alter fate/hollow_ataraxia kuramoto_ikuma


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    May 31, 2010

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Jenthehen Otaku at Law
Soooo glad these are getting a re-release!:)
8 years ago
meronpan Shana ate me
@color indeed, new one is now has officially taken over my #1 spot for best maid figure ^^

@celtic7guardian it's too bad the new base doesn't have pegs for the old saber maid. old saber maid's base is so plain -_-

@vhayste thanx! if you do actually go after them, best of luck! might be difficult due to the age of the old one and limited availability of the new release ^^;;
10 years ago
the new one is more perfect than the old saber O.O alter is incredible !
10 years ago
They look nice together. Good thing I'm more of a warrior figurine person or I'd be tempted.
10 years ago
Dang, I really want those two figures. Cool shot!
10 years ago