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jen_tsukasejen_tsukase8 years ago


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    Aug 02, 2013

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Thanks to Tohron for this photoshooting :3

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WOW!!! is all that I can say.
3 years ago
rikka bikini 1/1 :OMG: ,when she release,take my money :XD:
8 years ago
Bloempje Hunting my grails
I like your cosplay, and i liked the show 5 stars for you
8 years ago
where can i buy figures at this size?
8 years ago
So cute! You pull off the sukumizu look very well! (.◜ω◝.)
*applaud* Congrats on POTD!!
8 years ago
where can i buy this figure ???
8 years ago
Ruttsu Offline
jen_tsukase8 years ago#1649679(...)And maybe I can convince you to take a look at my other photos with real figures :9 profile/jen_tsu...
No, I rather look at this one XD
8 years ago
jen_tsukase8 years ago#1649679
Here winteruniform and summeruniform on a german page:

Great Rikka cosplays...love the wig, the yellow contact lens, the uniforms look great. Good attention to detail and super cute. I like the swimsuit pic too. Overall, nice job!
8 years ago
I Have never seen PVC look so realist....hmmm Maybe its the paint work?
8 years ago
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I spotted a camel toe
8 years ago
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