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Code Geass and Tales of collection

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Sorry for the bad quality of the photo, but our camera just can't make good photos from afar ... I've tried every single adjustment but it won't get any better. Well, you can still see what's on the picture. At least I hope so. xDD

At first we had our Code Geass figures in a single cabinet but it didn't look so good: picture/785754&...
I put all the Haruhi figures (I'm no fan of Haruhi, we just happen to have a lot of figures of her, don't know why ;D) in another one and that's pretty cramped now. But at least the ones with all the beautiful Code Geass and Tales of figures look better now. xDD

And we used cute, shiny chestnuts for decoration. ♥

I'd really like to have some kind of wallpaper for our shelves ...

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Phantom_Suzuka (5 years ago) #1822858Nice collection ^_^
Thank you! ♫
5 years ago
kidkaito (5 years ago) #1821840Nice ;3
Thanks! ♥
5 years ago
Nice collection ^_^
5 years ago
Nice ;3
5 years ago
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