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About this picture

This is my DRAMAtical Murder collection so far! I got a few smaller items in today so I thought I’d take a picture of everything together. I love DMMd to little bits, and when that happens, the crazy collector side of me takes over! >.< It’s not the biggest collection, and there’s still many items I would love to have, but I’m overjoyed with what I’ve found so far!

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Awesome thanks for sharing. Its really cool seeing so much together
6 years ago
❣◕ ‿ ◕❣
6 years ago
IridescentFall いいよ~
Thanks for the comments! ^.^ I wish some DMMd items weren't so hard to find/exclusive though- it'd make collecting so much easier! >.<

Also, I like all the Aoba icons we have. XD
6 years ago
I'm so jealous...
6 years ago
6 years ago
Woow!awesome DMMd collection!!
6 years ago