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KamuginKamugin11 years ago

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After seeing some interesting links provided by our friend takarayama in the Figurine Photography club figure.tsuki-bo... I've decided to give them a try. The first one was the film canister flash diffuser www.flickr.com/... This one didn't worked very well since even with it on my Sony DSC-H50 built-in flash still cast strong shadows on the sub

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Very cool trick! :)
10 years ago
I just finished doing that and posted an example pic of a porcelain piece I own that demonstrates what my DIY plastic tub/bedsheet lightbox can do.

Thanks and later,
11 years ago
Good morning =)

Your will to help us are much appreciated. I would like to ask you to join our Figurine Photography club CLUB #75 and put it there, this way many more people will take notice of it.

Thank you
11 years ago
Good Moring Kamugin,

I've been known to forget to sign in to Flickr myself, sometimes. :-)

I've created a proper account here now so I won't be embarrassed by the "myimage" username on the first sign-up.

Again, I am willing to help board members with photography issues any way I can. If you have any suggestions on the best way to do that, I'll appreciate them.

11 years ago
Uh! I forgot to log in on Flickr when seeing your pictures! =P

I post all of my pics with no restrictions on viewing the larger sizes including the Original size. I think the problem is that to see them, you must be a Flickr member.
11 years ago
Kumasank advises that my only recourse is to create a new account with Photophool as a user name.

I post all of my pics with no restrictions on viewing the larger sizes including the Original size. I think the problem is that to see them, you must be a Flickr member. The basic account is free to anyone who wants to register. As a member you can post pics, comment on the pics of others, and see all available sizes.

AKA Photophool
11 years ago
Hi George

Sadly you can't change your user name unless you ask it to Kumasank, the board owner.
I have a wider interest in protography that can't be restraint to the figurines subject. Your pictures are splendid and and filled with a refined aesthetic perception, I really like them. You being able to make such pictures with "cheap" cameras aided by things like styrofoam bowls and other improvised stuff only makes them more amazing. A true talented photographer can extract the best of his equipament, you are the living proof. I'll take a look to your new ideas, I only wish to ask you to make available bigger sizes of your pictures so we can apreciate them in more details.

11 years ago
Well POO !!!

The user name appears to be the one thing I cannot change. If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know and I'll make it happen!

11 years ago
Hi Kamugin...

Of course not. That thought never entered my mind and I certainly didn't mean to give that impression. I just wanted to offer my help and experience with this kind of stuff to anyone on the board if they want it. I know you've given credit because that's how I got here. :-))) The "my image" user name is/was just a placeholder chosen in a latenight rush before my eyes slammed shut. I planned to change it to "Photophool" before hitting the sign-up button. I'll go change it now if I can.

I have the S2, S3, and S5, DCR-250, and a D300 with a variety of lenses and I've hung styrofoam and other "junk" on all of them at one time or another. The "Rnx" series of gizmos is made from plastic cups and is specifically for use with the DCR-250. Considering the cost (near zero), what it does for extreme macros is almost magical. :-) I've even developed one variation of the styrofoam that works with the on-board flash of a ultra-compact Canon SD-630.

And when I say extreme macro, I mean it. At max zoom on the S1-S5 baby Canons, the DCR-250's view of the real world is only 3mm x 2mm. I've filled the entire frame with the eye of a fly.

You won't get in to that with figurine photography but if the subject is suitable for the Raynox, the Rnx series of diy plastic will get the lighting done.

Again, my apology to you and the group if my post sounded "snotty" 'cause that wasn't my intention in any way. The offer of help is sincere and still stands. I'll check the board occasionally and individuals can PM me if the board provides that option.

11 years ago
Hi Photophool

Thank you for sharing your great ideas and pictures with us! Hope you wasn't thinking I want to take credit for inventing them since I never said that and also provided the link for your Flickr gallery. Your gizmos performs splendidly for me.



My name is George (also known as Photophool on Flickr) and I invented the CCRRFD styrofoam gizmos for use in macro and extreme macro photography.
11 years ago
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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