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kixkillradiokixkillradio6 years ago
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    Jan 13, 2014

About this picture

Nendoroids lazing in kotatsu last weekend, to keep them warm during winter/cold days.

The room, kotatsu table and other furnitures are hand-made. I also used papercraft laptop and books. Mugs and food are Re-ment.

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Thank you everyone for making this POTD, I'm happy you enjoyed this picture. I had fun making the diorama and posing these nendoroids this way.

I hope you all have a wonderful time!

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I am from Viet Nam and here we will have an Anime festival and i wished to use your photo as an example of beautiful photoshoots. I will only add it to the presentation if you give permission for us to use it of course(it mean that I will print your photo out and hang it around or give it a way as prize to one of our game show). The presentation is not for profit and is only for fun of introducing more people to the world of figures. Please reply by quoting this comment with yes or no ASAP please!

Thank you very much,
Deptrai Ha
6 years ago
where did you get that table ?
6 years ago
SShirokaze6 years ago#1932606where did you get that mini laptop! :O

It's a papercraft! I looked for a template and images of this model on google and photoshopped a bit ^___^

shinhawk6 years ago#1932591So much for studying!

Hahaa, looks like they are studying too!

SamuraiofHeiji6 years ago#1932571already saw this in your blog. as great as always. that setting and accesories create some wonderful moment.

Hello, thanks for following my blog! I'm happy you've watched all the photos as well. :D

Yamamoto236 years ago#1932511Good Job!!!

Thank you! ^_^

MastraCustom6 years ago#1932466Superb set-up... contrats for POTD ^_^

Heya! Thank you!

Akira6 years ago#1932352This is too cute
Atheist16 years ago#1932318Very nice! Great setting & poses. ;)

Thanks Akira and Atheist1!

emperorisuka6 years ago#1932296I expected this :)
Aww.. thank you :)

Riesz6 years ago#1932294Could you please write a tutorial for making the kotatsu?
I will try. I'm planning to make more tutorials and tips in my blog kixkillradio.com this 2014! ^_^
6 years ago
ptitange236 years ago#1932652Soooo cute !!

Thank you! ^_^
6 years ago
claydrunkington6 years ago#1932699So cute. All the accessories look so nice especially the kotatsu.

Glad you liked it, thanks!
6 years ago
OtakuWonda6 years ago#1932821Great!
Thank you! ^_^
6 years ago
jkb6 years ago#1933085Amazing !

Thanks! ^^
6 years ago
Oyasumi6 years ago#1933432This is what a hotel room looks like during an anime con XD

Haha, now that's awesome!
6 years ago
This is what a hotel room looks like during an anime con XD
6 years ago
"I'm in despair! Lazing under a kotatsu with these cute girls has left me in despair..?!"
6 years ago