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MastraCustomMastraCustom12 years ago
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Old Asuka & Rei army version released by SEGA.
I usually don't like variants with costumes not appeared in original series, but these ones are very nice.
I wished them for long time... and although a lot of great releases have been produced afther these ones... I'm very happy to have found today at my local shop ^__^

Of course they're not the bootleg version ;-)

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I got this pair and on a good price. I removed them from the box once but returned it since I don't have the space to display it.
10 years ago
Klon"Rei vs. Alien and Predator" ;) It should be a great idea if you have some Alien and Predator's action figures ^__^

Anyway, I don't collect anything connected to Evangelion, you know.
Yesterday I purchased these two because I like so much Asuka's shape. Today's figures are 1000 times better than these ones, but when they've been released (5 years ago or more...) I felt surprised about their great shape but I couldn't purchase them immediatly :-)
Take it as a "affective purchase", exactly as I did with other Sega's figures of same period few weeks ago ^^
12 years ago
Klon Solo Rei basta!
Hmmm...It seems I not enough collector to buy figures like this. But who knows, if I can get them very cheap together with other figures....could be a nice photoshot: "Rei vs. Alien and Predator" ;)
12 years ago