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January 2014 Loot

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My January loot! The last package from AmiAmi arrived yesterday, finally! So yeah, I’m sooooo happy with my Kuroko <3 Mikasa ended up being twice as expensive thanks to customs *so much for a di:stage which actually looks pretty dark and not so great IR* Also grabbed Karuta from HLJ after I saw a pic of her here. The main reason I bought her was because of Watanuki ^^” Karuta coming along in a cute black dress is an extra x’D

Yosh, onto the merch highlights. Got my 2nd strap batch from escape, she added some really cute and awesome bookmarks with it as a thank you when I helped her out with POing Cleaning Levi ^^ Atm I’m in a Sengoku Basara and Psycho-Pass mood (aaaaaaargh, give us the 2nd season already! T_T) so I got some goodies and clearfiles. Also got this too damn cute Date Manyamune earphonejack~! <3 Seriously, my mom laughed when she saw him being all cute there on my phone x'D

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Cool loot! xD just cool. xDD
3 years ago
aww you even incluced the bookmarks ; u ;

Impressive and great loot!
4 years ago
Nice loot !
4 years ago