Sephiroth (and a big dozy cat!)Figures/

LyneyaLyneya10 years ago
cat final_fantasy sephiroth final_fantasy_vii

About this picture

They have the same eyes! XD

***Random Fact*** This cat is called Vincent! My hubby named him before we met, so it had nothing to do with V Valentine... but given he has black hair and sleeps for *reeeeally* long times, you gotta admit it's just perfect! XD

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Cat = nut amused..

9 years ago
Both are really cute, loved it!
10 years ago
hahaha they kinda have the same expression as well :D
10 years ago
10 years ago
lol like summon creature lol .
10 years ago
Basement cat with Sephiroth?

Hahahaha, lovely <3
10 years ago
Your cat is simply adorable!
10 years ago
Has your cat been drinking out of the lifestream?
10 years ago
Funny, I just took a picture of my Cloud next to a black cat... XD
10 years ago
Dizeh ★ Rock Shooter
Hahaha Oh wow, I like it :3
10 years ago