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    May 16, 2014

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Who wants to have some tea?

The room including the background is based on a Japanese tea room and it is hand-made. The tiny props such as tea sets and decoration are Re-ment.

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I love all your pictures, u got a supah follower fan in myself! Thanks for these wonderful shots!
7 years ago
Do you ever do tutorials or take pictures of yourself making these dioramas? they are always so great!
7 years ago
kixkillradio7 years ago#2151733Before I made this shoot, I made some research and even watched videoRikyu (the apparent god of this kind of tea appreciation) is an interesting fellow. It's been proposed that, rather than the aesthetic strength of his future aura, his best skills were his charisma (he had to be charismatic to sell his tea practices, style, and to get so far with his political statuses) and his diplomatic sense. He was perhaps so good in his political affairs that it was the very reason for his death. He may have very well have "known too much" as they say.
7 years ago
DarkNeo7 years ago#2150175aaaaawwww she is just the cutest! :DAkira7 years ago#2150209"Its all hand-made"
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I appreciate all your comment guys! Thank you very much.
7 years ago
astarte9527 years ago#2149569good work!

jkb7 years ago#2149621Good job !jkb7 years ago#2149621Good job !

PaleLightning7 years ago#2149716Perfect setting and a very pic. Well done

mikki-malu7 years ago#2149890Another nice photo shoot, I really enjoyed it, thank you :)

Thank you everyone, glad you enjoyed it ^_^
7 years ago
Christown7 years ago#2149404Very nice, well done.
Scene is perfect.

Thank you, I'm happy it turned out visually appealing. ^_^
7 years ago
jena7 years ago#2149360This is incredible, well done on the amazing hand-made setting!
Hi jena! Thank you I'm glad you liked it ^_^

Wormy7 years ago#2149373Very nice. I admire that you made much of the set yourself.
I very much enjoy tea, however the Japanese 茶道 is far too strict for my enjoyment. I much prefer 功夫茶. Too much focus on the ritualistic etiquette can take away from fully exploring and appreciating the tea, I'm afraid.
But yes, I definitely want to have some tea.

Yes that's what I've noticed as well. Before I made this shoot, I made some research and even watched video to give me an idea. Thank you for the nice words, Madoka will be happy to serve you some tea. ;)
7 years ago
ifob87 years ago#2148927handmade props? Youre an artist!
Yes! ^_^ I'm happy you enjoyed this photo.

SamuraiofHeiji7 years ago#2149003always great ! subscribe her pages, friends ! you will not disappointed seeing her post every month. especially for people that really love photography, like me.
Thank you so much for following my work, I am touched. :)

JimBoni7 years ago#2149172Such a cute setting. Very nice. ^^
Thank you! ^_^
7 years ago
sgaragagghu7 years ago#2147493perfect like always :PWndrenvy7 years ago#2148617So calming!Yukataonly7 years ago#2148820Nice job I like the mood

Thank you! I always want my work to look natural as possible. ^_^
7 years ago
Thank you AmyJane! :)

AmyJane7 years ago#2147330Such a lovely picture~
Your tiny craftwork never ceases to amaze me ^^
7 years ago