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Queen's Blade - Cattleya - Excellent Model - 1/8 - Jounetsu no Aka (MegaHouse)Queen's Blade - Cattleya - Rana - Excellent Model - 1/8 (MegaHouse)Queen's Blade - Cattleya - Rana - 1/7 (Griffon Enterprises)Queen's Blade - Cattleya - Legacy of Revoltech  (LR-004) - Revoltech  (QB-009) - 1/12 (Kaiyodo)Queen's Blade - Cattleya - Rana - R-Line - 1/7 - Blue Violet ver. (Griffon Enterprises)Queen's Blade - Cattleya - 1/2.5 (Taki Corporation)Queen's Blade - Cattleya - Nendoroid  (#133a) (FREEing, Good Smile Company)Queen's Blade - Cattleya - Bukiya Cattleya (Hobby Japan)Queen's Blade - Cattleya - 1/7 - Swimsuit ver. (Daiki Kougyou)Queen's Blade - Cattleya - 1/7 - White Swimsuit ver. (Daiki Kougyou)Queen's Blade - Cattleya - Rana - R-Line - 1/7 - SukeSuke ver. (Griffon Enterprises)Queen's Blade - Cattleya - 1/5 - Swimsuit ver. (Daiki Kougyou)Queen's Blade - Cattleya - 1/5 - Swimsuit ver., ver.2 (Daiki Kougyou)Queen's Blade - Cattleya - Rana - Excellent Model - 1/8 - Hobby Japan (MegaHouse)Queen's Blade - Cattleya - R-Line - 1/7 - Ver.2 (Griffon Enterprises)

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I'm going to start making articles every night. articles are interesting to read and I think people have fun reading mine. haha

I'm pretty much known around here for an explicit article I wrote, not too long ago. I would appreciate it if you didn't define me through that article.

most of the time I'm just a calm and cool dude who likes spending time with his daughters and in his ford f150. you're free to talk to me about whatever. haha! mainly because I've been through it all.
divorces, debt, family issues, and more. too numerous to list here.

also, I'm not sure why I get so many messages asking if this is a real account. I am 100% a real dude. I think people forever see me as a "joke" or "troll" because I had stone cold steve Austin as my profile picture for a while. he's a great dude and I've always looked up to him.


Patrickstarsfart23 minutes ago#90766020are you still coming over today? text me
22 minutes ago
are you still coming over today?
23 minutes ago
Leoleoliii13 hours ago#90717176We need to get a divorcewe aren’t married though.
12 hours ago
We need to get a divorce
13 hours ago
bug 萌え
truly a man of wisdom
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notice me bobby
19 hours ago
Despite all those negative comments, I find you as an interesting person. Your articles are kinda fun to read! The comments below are too (lmao)
Btw I think you shouldn't say too much about your personal life in order to protect your privacy. Internet security is important, you know. Sharing a bit is ok but just don't talk too much about it. I'm somewhat worried about your safety.
Anyway support! <3 you do make the whole community livelier, which I have hoped to see.
3 days ago
Isaloid3 days ago#90529475You're my favorite person on this website, manthanks. haha
3 days ago
You're my favorite person on this website, man
3 days ago
3 days ago
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!


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my figures aren't for sale unless I make an ad or direct message you.

most of my sales are made through Facebook. the first couple years of my collecting journey was on Facebook. I ordered all my figures from Facebook marketplace or Tokyo otaku mode.

the main way I made my money isn't from my job at Hardee's at all. I have always had a huge interest in trucks. they are my pride and joy. I work on trucks every day of my life. I've made quite a lot of money doing this.

one thing I wanted to talk about was displaying figures. I have 4 detolfs, a china cabinet (left at my place by previous wife), and multiple shelves around my house. I keep my lewd figures in my bedroom (which is most of them) so I'm not exposing them to my daughters.

i think the staple of my collecting is my cattleya and liliana-san collections. I've spent the most on them and i absolutely adore them.
just to clear some things up, my wife left me because of all the money I was spending, not because of the hobby itself.
also I only mess with about 10 figures out of my whole collection.