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boring dude. started collecting in april 2017. likes sports, flags, and geography. an optimist.

BS '14. trying to get an MS degree, but failing pretty bad rn LMAO.

we need an aunn & a kokoro figure NOW

NEW: can't afford these damn things anymore smh


I kinda lost my enjoyment in art for some time but then I discovered figures and started drawing Touhou characters and things and now here I am making my own models!

My original plan for that Ran was to actually make her into my own Garage kit but I think she's too detailed and too fragile to do that with especially considering I've never tried that before!

It is nice being able to talk about Touhou with someone else, yes. And I totally know what you mean with recent announcements. I was looking forward to seeing Aquamarines Touhou figures, especially Koishi, that were coming but that's never happening now which is sad. Though I'm not really super into prize figures seeing some new ones from either Sega of Furyu would be cool.

Yeah, whenever you have the desire to chat about touhou, I'm usually around.
8 hours ago
Yup, phat's Ran. Her and ITEM #451268 still haunt me with their prices but I'm really happy to have finally gotten that Ran. I was actually working on making myself a home-made figure of Ran Yakumo and I made about two thirds of it but have kinda recently been distracted by painting Garage Kits.

It's been really nice talking to a fellow Touhou fan here, by the way!
3 days ago
No problem.

That Chen is a very nice figure. I've had her for quite a while now and I think she's still one of my favourites. I recently managed to get the Ran to go with her, so I am really excited to finally display them together. My shelf for Touhou 7 is a total mess right now, trying to work out a way to fit Ran on there with all those fluffy tails of hers.

Delays are always such a pain. I knew it was going to happen but it was still upsetting to see Kokoro pushed back to December, especially knowing there will probably be even more delays for that figure. I still haven't got a hold of my Nanachi figure from AmiAmi because I'm holding out for SAL coming back but I don't even know if that's going to happen until 2021 now... So I sympathize with you! I am also very patient. But, you know, there will come a point where I will start getting grumpy about it eventually.
9 days ago
Thanks! If you want to see pictures of anything specific in my collection, feel free to ask.

My room is just basically a massive shrine to Touhou now and almost not a room anymore, hah.

Anyways, you seem to share my love of cat girls which is absolutely something I appreciate. Those Nekopara figures you have ordered looked really cool.
10 days ago
Hello! Meant to send you a message a few months back when we both accepted each other's friend requests to say really nice touhou collection you've got, especially your Yuuka.
13 days ago
denpaloli otaku keyboard warrior
i agree with ur demands for seija figures NOW as well
3 years ago
2hu3 years ago#22361542thank you! she's awesome. just got real lucky.

Aaah~ I wish I got lucky and found Ran one of these days :DD even the Griffon one would be fine tbh

How are you doing?
3 years ago
Nice Chen figure, she's quite hard to find nowadays.
3 years ago
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