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abicion.tumblr.... Is this like a lesbian meme?
2 months ago
Dude, how’s life?
2 months ago
both of them
4 months ago
Dude, jigoku no fubuki is finally getting a figure.
5 months ago
Nah, i don’t believe you.
6 months ago
Cool, cool. Is she like the female protagonist of P5? P3P had a character like her, she didn’t even have a name though.
6 months ago
You meme
6 months ago
You n your memes, lol.
6 months ago
Nah bamboos are like straws, i think it’s some kind of a Chinese tree. I just ordered her through a forwarding service.
6 months ago
One is a real human, the other is a fictional character? How do they work things out? Also did you see that hatsune miku figure by myethos?
6 months ago
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