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It’s kind of weird because as long as I’ve been in the hobby I’ve never seen such a long wait for a preorder period. Has me hopeful that the overall wait won’t be too long maybe? XD

I totally missed out on the GSC exclusive stuff and whatnot for the others so I’m really excited to see what they’ll be too! Joseph, Caesar, and Polnareff especially are some of my top faves (although I have a lot haha) so the hype is real. I wonder what Polnareff would even come with? So many JoJo Nendos coming though wow, gonna have to set aside a lot of extra space! XD
1 month ago
Yeah I’m so excited!! Tbh at first I thought they were being rereleased in February and March, not just going up for PO, so I was like “where are they??” XD Joseph looks soo beautiful too, I can’t wait to have them all together!
1 month ago
thank you! <3
it's tomorrow actually :'D
1 month ago
Me, reading your comment:


I mean, you sent me the FR, but whatever... lmao
2 months ago
Hero, thanks for accepting (⺣◡⺣)
2 months ago
Yo fellow JoJo fan, thanks for the FR! ( ・ω・)ノ
2 months ago
Your inbox is full! <':
2 months ago
Hey ! just wanted to say I am selling Edward Elric GEM figure if you're interested :)
5 months ago
Thank you for welcoming me into the community! :)
6 months ago
Welcome to the board AcePlatinum! :)

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