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Down sizing my current collection! If interested, DM me!
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Oh dang, if you've been busy since May that's been a while. :( I hope when you do get your rest, it's everything you need. Especially if you're at a job with major burn out. I've been reading about teachers leaving the field (who I work with but not one myself), and it's still a stressful time for people after the pandemic. Definitely take care of your inner peace!

And I know time just flew! Crazy how the site and hobby has changed even from a short time ago. It's kind of fascinating to see, though I know everyone has a complaint or two. I'm just happy GSC isn't messing up my nendos as much as it has in the past lol

I really do need to try Discord again. Especially since I'm just on the sidelines wathcing Twitter/X sink under nonsense. ^^; If and when I make an account again, you’ll be one of the 1st people I reach out to! :D
3 days ago
Heeeey! I've been okay-ish but much better than I was last month mentally. Money is a bit tight due to taking time off for therapy but it's worth it to at least be able to enjoy life and my hobbies, ya know? How have you been? :D

Also please feel free to keep calling me Moomoo, you're one of my oldest friends on this site so I promise I don't mind. :')
3 days ago
1 month ago
Thanks so much! (✧ ∇✧)╯ Your collection is very impressive!
1 month ago
kamibrando ⛧ #1 evil vampire bootlicker
AAAAAAAAAA HI ACE!!! I'm so sorry for getting to your request so late, I've been so wrapped up with so many things and ended up taking an internet detox for a while ;∀;)
I SERIOUSLY LOVE YOUR COLLECTION!! The sheer size of it is so impressive and you have such a nice array of SAS figures! And all of the trading minifigs too.. they're so cute!
While I'm here I might as well thank you for your articles and server upkeep, the little bits of information you make available are helpful and it's super nice to be kept at least somewhat in the know. Your commitment is so nice to see, keep it up! ♡
2 months ago
thank you for the birthday wish (✿◠‿◠) !!
3 months ago
No problem, me and a friend have been going through japanese sites and finding all kinds of RGG stuff to add. :)
3 months ago
suta_pura オラオラ♡ベイビー
I really hope Lisa Lisa and Ceaser’s figures turn out well. Part 2 is what really made me fall in love with the series, so it makes me happy to see it get attention!
4 months ago
suta_pura オラオラ♡ベイビー
Thank you! I didn’t do anything, tbh. I can’t complain though, I think it healed well because I was so careful to not put any weight on it for two months.

This new JoJo kuji though! So hyped! I hope they turn out nice!
4 months ago
suta_pura オラオラ♡ベイビー
Oh I was super mad for awhile. Now it’s kinda funny because it’s a ridiculous way to injure oneself lol.
4 months ago


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