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I answered your email ;)
2 years ago
Adria2 years ago#24689943Hey, can you imagine, today, after 6 or 7 years of waiting I received my figma of Archer!!XDDD

But when did you bought it? :o
2 years ago
Adria2 years ago#24553613When I was a 8 year old kid I had a anti-allergic course - experimental vaccine injections. It was about 20 (!!) injections per day every day during a week. It wasn't very pleasant, so I don't want to do it any more XD No, unfortunately I haven't seen Steven Universe yet but I heard it has many fans. I've red about it in a Wiki because I was interested in a Gem girls ( I mean characters named after a gem stones), but didn't start watching it yet. Is it really so good?

OMG that was too much. And about Steven..it is not good...IT IS AWWWEEESOMEEE
2 years ago
Adria2 years ago#24233835yeah, I know! But it's not exactly to their hair I guess, it's mostly to their pheromones or hormones or smth. The most interesting is that if you live with the dog, your immune system adopts to this dog, but very hard. I lived with a doggy more than 12 years, for the first several months it was terrible, I was nearly dead because of asthma but the more time I spent with him the weaker asthma attacks was and than it stopped. And another interesting thing is that if the doggy is ill and feel bad I can feel it too because my immunity disappears and allergy attacs become stronger XD So it's very problematic for me to have even completely hairless dog(( Oh, ok, answer when you can!!

Ok that sounds very interesting! Have you gone to an allergist before to try to solve this problem with dogs? By the way, i have just answered the email. Do you like Steven Universe?
2 years ago
Adria2 years ago#24216325Oh, I see) It's so cool! I like dogs so much but stupid allergy((

Oooh i forgot about your allergy. There are some breeds of dogs without hair if you really want to have one. Besides, i read your email but i am not able to answer it yet, i will reply to you this weekend.
2 years ago
Adria2 years ago#24196317Hey! I noticed you've changed your avatar to this pic of Cu caster! Do you have the game (Fate Grand Order) this pic from??

No i don't have it. But i like very much the design, and the dog/wolf looks the same as my dog :O
I have a white ,long haired german shepherd and it looks like a wolf XD i found this illustration by chance and and i loved it
2 years ago
Adria3 years ago#23812078OMG! Hallo, Alex!! Some time ago I found my old notebook with the password from this my account. I wanted to write to you but didn't know how to start and wasn't sure if you still want to talk to me.. I'm well, thank you, and hope you too! And thank you for writing to me !!

This is fantastic! Do you still collect figures?? Why did you suddenly stop using your account? I was worried because you disappeared completley and thought something bad happened to you XD Glad you are fine
3 years ago
Hello, i don't know why, but today i remembered those days we were friends here in tsuki, and by coincidence, and after so many years, and i noticed you entered tsuki 2 days ago...hope you are well :D
3 years ago
I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
6 years ago
Happy Bday!
6 years ago
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