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Hello, I'm Aelith! I'm an illustrator!
Most of my collection consists of used and broken figures, which I'm very happy to own!!

My favorite shows are Cardcaptor Sakura and Detective Conan. I collect mostly prize figures, or broken figures. My collection is funded by art commissions. =D

Feel free to PM me or comment, or strike up a conversation.

Cardcaptor Sakura, Detective Conan
LoZ, infamous, Dark cloud 2, Klonoa



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Shipping would be $11 based on weight and distance, so $26 total.
9 months ago
Your inbox is full so...
My response

Uh... I'm not looking for a Dominator I'm trying to get rid of one lol....uh and it's cool glad I could help but you totally read my comment incorrectly ^^"
1 year ago
Aelith-Earfalas (1 year ago) #21773145 I can't wait to play FE and for you to try Persona 5! It's good I promise! You'll love it, as a Kaito fan it's right up your alley! My friend says he'd be happy to let people order his Chrom art on body pillows (Here's his art: fav.me/db9yxxo in case you want to see, he made sure to make a body pillow that was very friendly in design because he doesnt really like most designs lol.)... View spoilerHide spoiler
... I HAD TO LOOK UP TO REI WAS, I DON'T EVEN KNOW HIS IDENTITY, so many characters have confused me for so long on this show lol and I've been watching since like 6th grade (kinda, mostly on and off if at all) I'm around 475-ish in the anime I think? around 900 in the manga... still behind, and so very, very confused lol. Please talk to me about Conan, you can help me out because I'm so lost lol.
A takagi prize figure and sato figure will be my grail. Ahh, AMVs, yesss xD Haibara does get some really cool episodes! I don't quite remember when they happen so I won't say anything, but she had some good stuff early on after she appeared! So look forward to it! <: (Unless you saw it, I'll just vaguely mention that there was snow and maybe some BO members lol.)
Oh my gosh, I never considered Kaito's dad!!! WHAA! That'd be crazy!
Have you ever solved any of the cases before conan did? =D I've seen like 400 cases and only solved like 3 before he did hahaa.
I love a lot of the filler for DC lol. episode 321 I thought was really cool (I can only remember it because its like a count down lol, but maybe it was episode 312...) HEIJI SAVES THE DAY!!
The anime is great! I like it a little more than the manga because I have trouble reading sometimes and I get everyone so confused like you said. xD It's also aways fun to try and figure out how much weeb Japanese I can understand. works like Murder, and suspect, and stuff like that are always fun to try and remember. xD
Do you have a skype or discord or anything? If you don't want to share thats ok! But I'm a little more active there and I'd love to get doodle ideas from you and your friends. xD

I'm truly sorry for my slowest reply in the entire universe ;_; Just got home from our vacation in the Philippines and had to fix some uni stuff ugh. I hope all is going well with you, friend! :)

It seems I won't be able to play Persona 5 until my friend finishes FFXIII-2 on my ps3 >.<. We have to swap since she let me have her 3DS for this summer for FE:awakening and FE:fates. But yes, mutual feeling here! I'm excited to hear about your adventures on Fire Emblem when you get to it/a.k.a when there are free times to get to it already ;D Also wow! Thank you so much for the link of your friend's design! He absolutely looks like husbando material here :D I have a friend who loves him a lot and I might as well share this to her too :D

DON'T WORRY ME NEITHER. THERE ARE TOO MANY CHARACTER NAMES TO REMEMBER. Also wow! that sounds like a whileeee ago. Lucky you started early :D And you even got to read the manga until chapter 900 :O Omg I am also confused myself now. After more than a month or so of stopping due to vacation and uni shenanigans. We need to help each other out about Detective Conan when we can!

I'm stuck on episode 251 and I need to get back again soon when I can *sweats*. Also yesss a Takagi and Sato prize/any figure/nendo/figmas would be perfect <3 I need these two as well. JP please give some love to these beautiful couple and give them some merch orz

I'm the same as you! I've only solved very few cases before Conan did. Usually the least suspicious one are the true murderers and it's always such a surprise when you learn about it! This is why this series is so amazing :D

omg I heard that from a friend too! That ep 321 is epic and yesss Heiji is a badass :D I'm surprised Heiji hasn't gotten any figure yet o.o I love some filler episodes as well like the "A Cursed Mask Coldly Laughs" and I'm the WORST at remembering episode #s but there are other fillers that I liked too :)

It's the same with me. I just don't feel complete if I don't watch the anime and I tend to feel confused too!. Also HAHAHA yes. The weeb life is best life. I try to do the same. And now I will always remember what the Japanese word/phrase for "Murder" is forever and "There is only one truth". Thanks Conan!

I have a Skype :D It's rozelle.francisco. Although I'm not always online, I have it on my mobile phone so I can definitely read my notifs there as soon as I can :D Mfc is more difficult for me to access and reply too. ;_; Also yes I will let my friend know! :D
1 year ago
Aelith-Earfalas (1 year ago) #21179849View spoilerHide spoiler(I don't know how to do the spoiler thing.)
Hahaa, I'm glad you like my goofy characters, I have a thief character whose kind of a rip-off of Kid because he's so cool. xD YES Persona 5 is graet! I'm sure you'll love it! And I forgot it was on PS3! SWEET. Aww man, I really need to play Fire Emblem! I have a friend who loves the game so much he made a custom printed body pillow of Chrom holding his sword all cool and knightly. I want to get in on all this Fire Emblem fun too, I hear its really good.
You'll have to tell me where you left off in DC, maybe we can talk about it and you can refresh my memory. I promise I won't spoil anything. xD (I dont feel like I know enough TOO Spoil anything tbh.)
Yeah! Love the metro police crew! I want a takagi prize figure SO BAD. I've seen KaiShin ships, never been my thing but I like how people make their own ships and the fan art is always nice! ooh man, Conan and Haibara huh? That's probably my least favorite ship xD I'm not a big Haibara fan. I like her but she's kinda cold,... so cold. xD But I think the ship is pretty interesting if not kind of cute. xD
Whoaaa, Shinichi's father huh? That'd be crazy! I feel like I had theory that sounded pretty good but I can't for the life of me remember it. I think I might have thought it was Heiji's dad? (Isn't he a police officer??) But I don't know enough to point fingers at potential culprits. xD
MAN! Haibara's first apperance case was cool, I always liked- well, I dunno how far you are so I won't talk later canon cases that involve Haibara or other main characters. But I LOVE the police love story cases, all of them are my favorite! I also liked a lot of the early cases like the "Moonlight Sonata Murder Case" and the "Mountain Villa Murder case" And there was one where they gave Mitsuhiko a hard time for being a know it all lol (That one might have been anime filler.) The first two seasons hold a special place in my heart lol. My mind was BLOWN when Heiji showed up on the scene for the Sherlock Holmes fan case. I have so many favorite cases, and half of them aren't even canon lol. But I like the show downs with the Black Organization. They're always a hoot! Do you mostly read the manga or watch the anime? (I have a tough time reading and keeping characters straight in black and white so I like watching the anime if I can find the time.)

(it's okay! :D)
omfg I saw that! I really love it when there are Detective Conan references in characters but in a unique way like yours :3 YES! I really thought P5 would be exclusive to the PS4. Luckily it isn't *cries tears of joy*. Also yes you do! Awakening was fun and Fates so far is also amazing. You will love it :D Wow I'm jelly of your friend! I need a custom FE body pillow though I wonder how much it costs xD. Maybe in the future *A*

I'm only on episode 252 (help) LOL. And I've watched a few movies (need to watch more omg). Also I kind of got spoiled on some stuff already no worries (like Rei Furuya's real identity)! As long as it isn't the Black Organization haha! How about you? I'm guessing you're in the 500s or so already!

I wonder why there aren't any Takagi prize figures yet! He is such a wonderful character >.<; We really do need him someday. Hahaha I just got interested in KaiShin due to the movies and AMVs. Oh man indeed. The dedication of the shippers. :D Oh yes Haibara really is cold. I heard she doesn't become too interesting of a character until episode 600-700 or something LOL. I just find her cool :D

Heiji's dad sounds like a valid candidate too. And Kaitou Kid's dad because of his black outfit and how he disappeared 7 years ago but that would be weird xD. If Conan can't solve it, how can we ;_; Aoyama please tell us already!

Ohh the Moonlight Sonata Murder Case and Mountain Villa! I love those too :D Even some of the fillers are fun hoho. And oh yes gotta love how Heiji is the first one to deduce that Conan is Shinichi (I literally pointed at the screen and said "HEIJI SAVES THE DAY" because everyone else except Ran couldn't figure out/sense who Conan is when it is so obvious LOL). I only watch the anime for now! We have the same issue. Also it is always so interesting to see it animated. The suspense and actions are too great :D No better way to appreciate those Conan skateboarding and soccer kicking powers too haha
1 year ago
Aelith-Earfalas (1 year ago) #21025686View spoilerHide spoilerAww, golly thank you! (I'm so glad you like Ralph! He's a favorite character of mine. I dont have many these days lol.) Those characters in that person-esq piece are more or less like, rip-offs of Kaito kid and Takagi/Conan with my own wacky flair XD and PLEASE play persona! =D They're such good games! You like Kaito kid too,.. just gonna say Persona 5's theme is: "Phantom thieves" and that's all, go play it!!) I used to draw manga panels from DC back in the day, ah how I miss those days...
(Don't sweat it, I'm like friggin',.. 400 episodes behind int he anime and last time I read the manga it was a Shinichi flash back lol. I'm ALWAYS behind. I hope your summer stuff goes well!)
Favorite characters? I LOVE Takagi and Sato and almost everyone in the metro police department. I love the Detective Boys, Kaito kid is rad as heck!! (Takagi and Sato is my main ship, lol and Ran a Shinichi, and Heiji and Kazuha lol pretty much the canon ones 'cause I'm lazy. Wbu?) The Black Organizations Boss... I have no idea who it could be... I always assumed it was Gin until they mentioned a higher up and my mind was blown. (Because I thought it was Gin for like 8+ years since I started watching the show lol? But I've always been super far behind.) What about you? Do you have any favorite cases? <:

you're very welcome! <3 He is a wonderful character (but so is every one of your OCs!) and his outfit reminded me of when Kaitou Kid disguised himself as a police officer haha! His cheeky expressions are too adorable too :D Also omg now you have encouraged me to get P5 this summer uwu. I definitely will play it soon! Currently trying to finish Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates on the 3DS since I'm only borrowing it from a friend! Then P5 it is! I'm actually thankful they have P5 on ps3 as well since I don't have the budget to get myself a ps4 at the moment (and I don't think I would play a lot on ps4 since my main system is PC orz)

Also omg the DC panels must have looked beautiful ;w; Ahh gotta miss our free times (LOL I feel you so much. You're also ahead of me as I don't remember where I last left off in the manga welp xD. Also thank you! I hope for the best for everything that's going on there at the moment!)

Also ayeee the Metro Police Lovers <3 I love them as well! Honestly I don't know anyone I could hate on the DC casts :D (except the Black Organization as I don't know their backgrounds yet except for Haibara and her sister). Ohh the canon ships, I love them as well as the characters go so well together! Although I can't decide between Shinichi/Ran and Conan/Haibara then I also support KaiShin outside of the canon ships hahaha xD. I thought Gin was the boss as well >.< Who would have known there was a higher up pulling the strings. Now I'm suspicious of everyone hahaha. I can't quite point out who it could be too. It could be Shinichi's father but I can't quite imagine him making Shinichi go through all these traumatic experiences. I just found it suspicious that some of his novels becomes true in the future. Maybe there should be more clues in the recent episodes so I don't know for now too! Ahh so far out of reach xD.

My favourite cases goes to Ai Haibara's first appearance case, Magician apprentices, Kaitou Kid cases, the canon Black Organization cases, Metropolitan Police Love Story cases, and that case where Ran's mom had to defend Kogoro since he was suspected of murder lmao. How about you? :D
1 year ago
Aelith-Earfalas (1 year ago) #20984186Aww, gosh I'm really glad you like my work! (And I'm incredibly jealous you had comics and cartoons as an elective. holy cow... There is NOTHING comic/cartoon related where I love and hahaa, I got so much crap for drawing anime. Which is one reason I rarely draw fanart lol.) But I digress! I would love to draw you a piece!
And yes, please, please motivate me to draw DC. I would love to talk about the show with some cool fans like yourself. I feel like I know nothing about the show because I have no one to talk to lol. NICE TO MEET YA! I'm glad I meet you too!

Yes! Your art is so lovely and beautiful ;u; <3 I'll mention that I fancy your character Ralph! *_* Also this art reminds me of Kaitou Kid and Conan in a Persona style aelith-earfalas... Such amazing works! (I haven't played Persona but now your art is making me interested to play it someday xD)

(Whaaat ;_; I really wish they had this course everywhere)
Also :O I love the DC animation and Inspector Takagi + Sato ones you made though!! It stays true to the art style and I just alksdjalksdj. I definitely should commission you sometime. I'll PM you on deviantart when I do! :3

Yes I will for sure! :D (Although I'm veryyy behind the series at the moment. I need to catch up asap but summer school and looking after my little sister has got me busy!). Who are your favourite characters by far? And OTP/shippings (lol)? And who do you think is the Black Organization Boss? :O There goes my DC curiosity questions xD

Nice to meet you too!! :D
1 year ago
Being an illustrator sounds amazing! :D I love any style honestly and went as far as to take a comics and cartoon for an elective this summer in uni xD (but obviously am obsessed with anime more LOL). I also draw but only as a hobby since I went to nursing and have no time anymore to focus on it. ;_; I'll have to follow you there then! Checked your deviantart page and you're truly talented! I definitely need to commission you a lot especially when I graduate!

Also I see. Glad you have a couple at least :3 I must tell my friend about you so we can motivate you to draw more DC HAHA. We're honestly struggling to find other people in the fandom too since DC isn't so popular as the other anime outside of Japan and it saddens me because it's such a wonderful series. So I'm really glad I found you here on this site :D
Aelith-Earfalas (1 year ago) #20874389Yes! DC and CC fans unite!!
Lol, yup. I'm one of them illustrator people! I have a deviantart and a tumblr! (They're under Aelith-Earfalas. I'd link but I'm on mobile lol.) I focus on a bizarre mix of anime and more western cartoons. (But mostly anime lol.)
And I DO have a couple DC fan art pieces! (Not nearly enough!! I.. I don't have any DC friends to talk about the show with or motivate me to doodle more fan art. I try hard to get my friends into DC but alas... they're not a fan of murder... (LOL)
1 year ago
Aelith-Earfalas (1 year ago) #20873700Your collection is great! Look at all the DC! AND manga...!! And the water color works of DC.. Sweet stuff! <= Thanks for the FR!

Thanks you for the add!!
Omg! You have got a lot of figures x3!!! And so many CCS merchandising! So cute!!! Your collection is awesome!!
Aw,I don't have many artbooks, but I needed to get the Aoyama-sensei ones. I was lucky to get them as soon as they were realised. But I am still missing some guide books and information books xD
1 year ago
Aelith-Earfalas (1 year ago) #20873622Hiii! Always happy to meet another figure and conan fan! (Cardcaptor sakura too!)
8D I don't have many friends here so thank you for the FR! C:

Ayeee :D We DC and CC fans shall unite! :3

Wow you're an illustrator? :D That's amazing! Which art style do you focus on and do you have any site where you post your art? *A*
sorry I get excited when I see someone in the art field! (currently hunting for DC fanart too LOL)
1 year ago
Hi! I recently saw your very early post of the recent Conan prize figure and it made me even more hyped to receive him soon! You have an impressive Conan and Card Captor Sakura collection. :3 I hope you don't mind the FR :D
1 year ago
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