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I love to bond over our beautiful hobby!



Started collecting figures in 2016, after I've visited Japan Expo in Paris for the very first time. Now I am trapped and I can't get out!

I collect figures, doujinshi, artbooks and CDs... and everything else I find cute! But beware, I also have a rather non-cute side, which also needs to get presents from time to time... I have a great weakness for boys love ♥ here my attention goes to Bungo Stray Dogs. But my attention is caught very easily, so I also buy doujinshi from series I don't know and shippings I have no clue of as long as I like the drawing style or the artists. Collecting doujis is surely addictive!

I love PMMM and Sailor Moon, so I try to get my hands on as much merch as I can! But I only collect stuff of my fave characters, so my collection is by no means "complete". Chibiusa is my princess of the heart and MadoHomu gives me a lot of feelz! I hate Bandai but I want to support the series that I love ♥

I am a very optimistic and positive person, always high-spirited and motivated! I love to use my hands for something creative. I draw, write and I recently also started building GKs, which is so much fun to do ♥ I love decorating a lot and I am a matrialist, so this hobby is perfect for me haha!

Im looking forward to every new announcement and I spend more time on Mandarake, Suru and Y!A as I should... but oh well! That's what we are here for, right ♥?






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You have such great taste in figures! I love your collection!! <3
24 days ago
Elenwen "My duty is simple."
Thank you for the request, dear. Your profile and collection is amazing ^_^
4 months ago
Your collection is amazing fellow Moonie!

I hope it’s ok to send you a FR and looking forward to chatting with you over this hobby!!

4 months ago
Thank you so much for the friend request. Your collection and profile page are amazing! I also very much love Chibi Usa myself. She deserves so much love. <3
7 months ago
Hey, both your profile page and collection is wonderful!
7 months ago
inbox is full so i will post here. yes syaro is still available. bij is actually forwarder and i ordered her from au coop directly and is set to release on 30th.
8 months ago
11 months ago
happy birthday!!
11 months ago
Thank you for the reply! Sorry for spamming just it says the inbox is full. The hold would depend on the shipping amount so please try to get a quote for me! If you could send pictures that would be very much appreciated as well!Looking forward to seeing her!(:
1 year ago
Question about CLASSIFIED #162668
Hello I'm interested in her , she's fully new? Unfortunately I am from USA so what would the shipping be? Wondering if you'd take holds also. Please let me know!
1 year ago
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