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ah yeah np, and I'll keep my eyes peeled and let you know if I see another. ..and yeah I can't even tell you how excited I am to have landed that garage kit...I felt just sick when I'd missed it the first time. So...I'm pretty pumped!!

and yeah, it may be a while before I get it in and get around to painting it, but I'll for sure post pics of him when I'm done!! (hopefully he'll turn out ok so it's more interesting than entertaining from a comedic standpoint)!!

..and have fun on your trip to Japan, that's gonna be so friggin AWESOME!!!
6 days ago
So I happened across this fellow on Ebay today...


I was just perusing, as someone messaged me to let me know Hacca had put Ookurikara up for sale again on their site (they apparently had some cancellations so were re-selling those). So...I think I have him!! I got a confirmation email, but sent a follow-up in person hoping someone can just make SURE they have all my correct info and such...fingers crossed!!

Anyway, wanted to share your fellow!!
8 days ago
Hahaa....I agree that needs to be options more often...I mean folks could make cloth clothing parts to go on these with sort of flexibility and realize customize the jokers, would be awesome!

Yeah the GK thing drives me insane. I mean I'm ok someone trying to make a little off of something, for their trouble, but to snatch up items, knowing...you don't want them for yourself, when they are sooo limited....and then force others to pay a fortune for them all for the sake of greed...burns me up. I too will not be giving $700 to anyone for these kits, but it still makes me really sad as there are a few from WF that I was really hoping to snatch up...esp the Ookurikara one (well he's really the main one). :(

Oh well...maybe another option will come along one day!!! Fingers crossed!!
9 days ago
AkibaMelon (11 days ago) #33984315View spoilerHide spoilerMany thanks for the FR, totally accepted! ^_^ I hope it's okay to take the comment here so I won't be spoiling your blog post ^^;
I completely agree with you about the Awakened versions...those woulda been some epic scales *_* I really adore Munechika's regular ver. because his gentle smile is just heart-melting and he looks adorable with Kogitsunemaru <3 But I absolutely intend to get the awakend ver. too and boy, Orange Rouge is free to milk me anytime with doubles of the boys XD I didn't even know there were plans originally for all of the guys but sad to hear they have been cancelled but since they're pretty slow with Tourabu scales to begin with, I'm not even surprised cause te hype is probably fading >~>
Speaking of Garage Kits, I'm totally smitten by this one of Mitsutada ITEM #453383 (all of his regular scales are so painfully "boring" >.>) and that one of Tonbokiri ITEM #512012 (he's one of my faves but I kinda doubt that he'll ever get a proper scale of his own at this point :/) But yeah, Ookurikara's ITEM #665104 is beyond gorgeous <3 I really hope you get your hands on him since your kit skills are on point (loved your Shogo kit btw o.o)

But of course, you're very welcome!! ....and I don't mind you commenting on my page at all...ever!!! :D

On the figure of Munechika, I guess his normal pose is not as meaningful to me since I know NOTHING about the characters themselves, so that's why I guess I'm drawn to their action versions, LOL!!

...and OMG on your best boy there...he is a castoff WTF??!!! That's crazy...don't see many of those for guys!! I wish they'd make way more like that...leaves a lot of room open for customization (and long periods of staring in admiration)....

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/The-Hurricane1478270186.jpeg

LOL...and yeah I like the Mitsutada one too...it's on my wishlist, but it's so annoying how they make so few of these and if you don't GO to Wonfest it's so hard to get. That one right now is like $800 for the unpainted kit on Suruga...so stupid. I REFUSE to pay that for an unpainted kit. I mean if it was the one the artist sculpted themselves or something, but just a copy that they could've easily just made more of (but I realize the licensing thing is limited and all that BS)...but is just annoying how the whole GK scene works. :( ...and unfortunate. Maybe they'll make some PVC's of those boys for us!!!

...and thank you so much on Shogo.... I need to do another kit so I can practice up!!! :D
11 days ago
omg you're going next month?!?!? Jealousssss~~~ LOL~ second hand shops are SO much fun except I've hit a point where I realize... I buy a lot of stuff I don't need and then I feel guilty... and then... well... I just hoard all the Hibari's. Or I actually like to proxy shop for others. It makes me feel happy shopping yet I don't keep any of the stuff. =D
22 days ago
so sry erstmal wall of text incoming : D.

ja ist der Besitzer der ist echt nett.. und hat mir bisher auch immer super geholfen : D, Yorokonde isn super shop und hat auch immer gute Preise und man kann auf Rechnung bezahlen, die Seite ist halt hoffnungslos veraltet.. deswegen ist er auch so unübersichtlich und die Suche ja die ist wircklich schlecht..

was hast du denn alles im Mai? ich hab da nur Sachen die ich evtl. will und den Realese abwarte.. aber Okt-Feb wird absolut heftig.. zumindest wenn beide Xeno-Figuren kommen ohne Delay...

aber ja da hast du völlig recht.. auch wenn man meint alle realese so gequeutscht zu bringen, wann fährst du denn? drücke mal die Daumen das alles durchgeht-

also mittlerweile kam sie an... was interssant ist, ist das NY mich angeschrieben hat von sich aus und meinte das deren Partner sie informiert hat das, dass die Box beschädgt ist. und haben mir nen 2615 Yen Voucher geschenkt.. dafür das der Support echt grottig ist finde ich das schon nicht schlecht... sind ja fast 20€..

die Box hatte halt ne Delle und naja mir ist die eh nicht so wichtig.. die Figur war ja heile.. und ja finde sie echt schick... von sloppy paintjob merke ich da nichts... vllt. verhältnißmässig doch etwas teuer aber ich mag sie.. die passende Tohka kommt nur so ungünstig mit September..

5 Monate wtf?!, aber genau deshalbt mag ich diese Versandarten nicht mehr..

aso verstehe, schnell im Verhältniss für ein JRPG das ja sonst immer Umfangmonster sind siehe Xenoblade hat schon nen guten Umfang inkl die Nebenquest wo wieder laufarbeit angesagt ist aber es macht Spaß.
zur Ce: ich sag mal jein.. hatte ja 129 gezahlt da ich noch nen 10€ gutschein hatte beim Saturn.. die Uhr ist so nice to have.. Artbook Hardcover ist immer gut, Die Schallplatte schaut auch nett aus, Steelbook inkl Season Pass mag ich auch.. Probs auf jeden fall auch dafür das, das Spiel extra beilag und nicht im Steelbook war.. finde ich nämlich immer ärgerlich sowas..

Xenoblade bekommt ja auch immer wieder nen Haufen Updates, aktuell wieder 2 neue Klingen...

zur Pulchra Tohka: ich muss sagen mir gefällt sie.. auch die kritisieren Haare und das Gesicht.. aber da die im Januar kommen soll ware ich besser erst mal ab.. vor allem auch wegen der schlecht Reputation von Pulcha und auch dem Preis.. denke das werden viele machen... will dann auch erstmal Bilder sehen nach Realese.. auch wenn ich sie gerne hätte da es mit Abstand das beste Outfit von ihr ist...

achja mal was zum Thema OP: Katakuri bekommt ne Figur ITEM #703538 das hätte ich mal nicht gedacht.. aber wer hätte das auch bei Bege gedacht...
22 days ago
I've get the normal version without extra head because unfortunately I haven't find that
24 days ago
I love the animes of Hakuouki and Touken ranbu *-* Hakuouki was my first anime moreover and I fall in love with Okita! For me is the best chara of the entire series!
25 days ago
hehe! yeah, I can't help it. I buy everything I see for Hibari, I even have a lot of duplicates... and I hoard when I go to Japan. I love the second hand stores there, sometimes you can find some really old and rare stuff!
27 days ago
kufufu~~~ fujoshi ftw~ <3 =D and thanks for liking my comment about the Hibari Nendoroid! <3
28 days ago
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