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Hey there! Just thought I'd leave a courtesy message regarding my positive experiences purchasing from you guys. Although I've only bought two figures thus far, I can see myself buying a lot more from your shop! In fact, I have my best girl (ITEM #1072417) pre-ordered with you and I cannot wait to receive her. I'm more than happy to support a little Australian company who serve their customers well and provide quality products. ^_^
7 days ago
Hey I was just looking over your site, and was curious if you guys shipped overseas? And I wanted to make sure you guys only sell official Good Smile Company products (no bootlegs/ knock-offs or anything)? You guys have a pre-order for something I've been hunting for, and I'd love to give you guys a shot!
1 month ago
Hiii I want to say the same as the person below, you're an amazing shop with great prices, customer service and packaging and I can't wait to purchase from you more!
1 month ago
hii! i just wanted to let you know that, sadly i'm not from Australia, but i would have loved to support your shop! you don't deserve the hate (´ ω `♡)
1 month ago
Hii, I pm'd you :-) if you don't mind, we can chat over instagram: sjomjo
1 month ago
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Free Shipping World Wide. A place for collectors.




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