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Hello, I started being interested in figures some years ago, and later got into figure collecting, only to fall for doujinshi and pretty artsy-stuff.

View spoilerHide spoilerList of series I'm following or finished (order means nothing, I just wrote what first came to my head lol):
-Naruto (Technically I'm a fan. But I just bitch about a lot regarding this series so... yeah. NO. Not because of the ending, I have been bitching about this series for years)
-Magi (I highly, HIGHLY recommend this shounen)
-Ao no Exorcist
-Shingeki no Kyojin
-Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san!
-Noragami (Dropped this thing. Dunno when I will get back and finish it)
-I am a Hero
-Oyasumi Punpun (finished, but is so good)
-Mob Psycho 100
-One Punch Man (Both original and redrawn)
-Assassination Classroom
-It's not my fault that I'm not popular!
-It's Not My Fault That My Friend's Not Popular.
-Kouishou Radio
-Nickelodeon (It ended)
-Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
-Makkai no Ossan (finished)
-Lessa: the crimson night (If you have to choose between this korean webcomic and Noblesse, I would say the first one is written better by a mile)
-The World God Only Knows (Finished)
-Welcome to room #305!
-Tegami Bachi
-Fuan no tane (done)
-Fuan no tane +
-Arslan Senki
-Adventure of Sinbad (Dropped because It was so full of Gary Stu. Someday I will go back and read it since I read Magi and I don't want to miss stuff)
-Noblesse (Dropped. It has a ton of chapters and little to no development)
-My young cat my old dog
-Koe no Katachi (It ended)
-Saint Young Men

Facts about myself:
-I like languages
-I do speak Spanish
-I'm around 1,6 m tall
-I have been called 'kawaii potato'
-I enjoy more manga than anime, so don't get surprised If I don't follow anything and watch whatever I want whenever I want, when the hypes died or something. Edit (2015):Let's be honest this is mostly because I'm super lazy and I need the stars to be in line or something so It's "The Time" for me to read that series lmao.
-I like Vocaloids, and I try to keep up with the announcements of new voice banks. Not so much in the music aspect because I would go insane. I mean, have you ever tried to look at all those songs???? Is crazy. Anyway, feel free to drop recomendations in regards to music (This is in general, It doesn't have to be Vocaloid/Utau only).
-I also love Kasane Teto. Edit (2015): Also I love Matsudappoiyo.
-I'm a fan of Kenshi Yonezu/Hachi. He is probably one of the few human beings that can make me go all derp about.
-I love illustration doujinshi. You can also recomend me any of those as well lol I'm more than happy with the name of the book, circle and author. I prefer however, to stay only in the original category in regards to illus. doujinshi (only If I don't know the series or I'm not interested in it), since I'm already hunting fandom ones. Unless you find a really good doujinshi of, let's say, Shingeki, by a good artist and It's also neutral! (no pairings). Edit (2014-2015):Now I like HangexLevi, I found out a wonderful artist that made me like them. I'm not a hard shipper though.
-I like criticism with based arguments.
-I have a soft spot for cute things in general.
-I like to draw.
-I don't have a favorite colour, but I have two dogs!

If you wanna talk about doujinshi/manga/anime/whatever feel free to PM me or drop a message at my profile! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


EDIT: Sorry, but I feel kind of uncomfortable when people whom I have never talked even once, send me friend requests. I don't mean to be rude, but I would rather have people to at least talk to me and engage in a friendly conversation before sending me friend requests.

That being said, I'm rather shy when It comes to iniciating a conversation, so by all means talk to me lol


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