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Hello, i'm using a board from ikea for my nendoroid. i think its called IKEA FAKTUM ^^
21 days ago
Hello again ^^

I just realized you're from discord XD

Glad to make more friend within this community
2 years ago
Jaynne2 years ago#43281466Thanks for the FR ^^

2 years ago
Thanks for the FR ^^
2 years ago
Akiza3 years ago#25265800Will do. Beat part is I didn't need to pay for it because my coworker was looking to get rid of one *♡*I'm jealous! I've had to buy all of my cabinets brand new XD
3 years ago
Akiza3 years ago#25138530I just got a cabinet. Farwell weekly dusting.That's fantastic!! Hopefully you'll be able to take some pictures :D
3 years ago
Katto3 years ago#24468180Only a year ago! Wow! Your collection is wonderful ^_^
And it really does! I don't think I'd be able to survive without it anymore haha

I just got a cabinet. Farwell weekly dusting.
3 years ago
Akiza3 years ago#24535821Yeah took maybe a couple hours to do. Make sure you drill deep enough in if you don't it will wooble, but be careful with the gun. Here are some pictures of the actual pins, and holes drilled. imgur.com/a/S9T...
Hope this helps.

It does help a lot! Thankfully only one of the rocks broke off (the one attaching the cannon to the rock) so maybe I only need to drill that one.

Honestly, why didnt GSC do this to this figure in the first place. She is so beautiful but so poorly planned. ToT

Thanks for your help!
3 years ago
Akiza3 years ago#24535439So mine had two broken pegs the one going into the two floating rocks and the once from the cannon into the rocks.
Those are the pictures of it with the new pins in place. They are metal so they won't break. And the last is what she looks like. I learned to do this from working with garage kits, because the resin needs these to hold its weight.
I did use to thick of a wire for the bottom one which is why it shows, but it is hardly noticeable.
Glue isn't strong enough which is why I did what I did.

Oh wow, that is actually super helpful! Thanks so much. I might try my hand at repairing my figure then. The addition of the makeshift chains really make the figure pop! Genius :D
3 years ago
Hey there! I saw your post on ITEM #25218 and I am curious how you repaired your figure. Honestly mine is so broken it's beyond repair lol. But I really want to see what ahe looks like after your repairs, so could you possibly post some pictures? Thanks a lot :'D
3 years ago
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