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Madoka Magica, Cardcaptor Sakura, Precure, Hidamari Sketch
Umineko no Naku Koro Ni, Girl Friends, Yotsuba&!
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door


AmazyDayzee (2 years ago) #2907679I heard most of those songs back when I first got into Vocaloid, so they bring back a lot of memories. Yuyoyuppe is actually one of my favorite producers, so if you liked that Tell Your World remix you should check him out! Leia and Palette are some real gems.
You haven't seen the second season of Love Live yet?! That's where all the real quality is. It's miles above anything that was in the first season. You gotta get on that pronto! lol
Here's my osu! profile page: osu.ppy.sh/u/30.... I've been playing for two years, but I use a worn down mouse and a laptop keyboard so I'm not as good as I could be. I added you if you want to add me back.

Wow those songs are amazing!! :D Thank you so much for sharing them~ I will watch Love Live season 2 asap! Oh it must be difficult playing with a mouse ;w; I actually got my tablet about 3 weeks ago, but before I got the tablet I was like rank 90k xD So I'm where I am today thanks to my tablet~ And I play on my laptop keyboard too, so I suck at streams ;w; I added you back too, I'm really looking forward to playing osu! with you >:3
2 years ago
AmazyDayzee (2 years ago) #2901494Haha, I'm the same way. I got a part-time job last holiday season and spent the majority of the money on figures. I know no restraint sometimes, lol.
Luka has been my favorite for a while now. While her voice doesn't sound the most natural to me (I consider Gumi to be the best in that regard), her mature tone and design appeal to me the most. They seriously need to make this design into a figure. I would pre-order it in an instant. They really neglect Luka in favor of Miku. ;__;
Sayaka is my favorite girl from Madoka Magica. She's a flawed person in many aspects, but that's what made her stand out the most to me. Her destructive, stubborn behavior felt like a believable character trait, but at the same time she was far from a horrible person. I love to see characters with very prominent imperfections as they are the ones who reflect reality the closest. So who's your favorite?
Maki is undoubtedly best Love Live girl. Although Honoka is a strong contender. I think the whole cast is great, so I could see how any one of the girls could be someone's favorite. I'm guessing you like Kotori the most?
You should definitely give Hidamari Sketch a try. If you liked K-ON then I know it'll fit your tastes perfectly. It admittedly doesn't have the best start, but each season shows a significant increase in quality and you'll be in love with it by the end. I highly recommend it if you ever have the time.
I got into Osu! a little under 2 years ago and I've been playing it frequently ever since. Man is it addicting. You interested in playing sometime?

Yeah its so hard to limit your expenses in a hobby like this where there is almost an unlimited amount of awesome figures xD But no regrets~!

I really like Luka too, and she has lots of wonderful and catchy songs! (some of my favorite Luka songs are Luka Luka Night Fever: www.youtube.com..., Double Lariat: www.youtube.com... and her and Miku duets, which are World End Dance Hall: www.youtube.com... and Magnet: www.youtube.com.... I also really love the cover of Tell Your World by Luka!! www.youtube.com...) That design is sooo beautiful *-* They need to make more Luka figures xD

Yeah I know what you mean, I really feel bad for Sayaka in the anime because she gives away her one and only wish for someone else who doesnt even pay attention to her >w< She's so selfless and sacrificing. My favorite character is currently Madoka because she's so sweet, kind, and caring~

I actually can't just pick one girl as my favorite, so Kotori, Maki, and Honoka are tied in #1 place xD (I still need to watch Love Live second season tho ;w;)

Yeah I'll be sure to check out Hidamari Sketch when I get a chance to :3

Wow so you've been playing Osu! for quite some time! (you must be really good >:3) I got into Osu thanks to one of my MFC friends about 3 months~ And yeah Osu sure is addicting xD Of course I'll be more than happy to play Osu with you! My Osu username is Taiga Suzumiya (who would've guessed xD) What's your username? So I can add you and message you on Osu ^^
2 years ago
AmazyDayzee (2 years ago) #2899840Thanks! While I wish my collection was larger, I'm overjoyed with some of the figures I've managed to get my hands on. I'm hoping to pick up IA some day. Even though she's not my favorite Vocaloid, her design is just too pretty to pass up.
As for my favorite anime, Madoka Magica definitely sits in my top spot. Honestly speaking, I just adore the magical girl genre in general. Some titles that really stood out for me are Cardcaptor Sakura, Princess Tutu, and Precure. I also tend to gravitate towards slice of life series; Hidamari Sketch and Aria being among the best I've seen. I happened to notice that you like Love Live. I'm especially fond of it as well (although I found the first season to be only a little above average).
Also, I see that under Games you have Osu! listed. Do you still actively play it?

I wish my figure collection was larger too, but it's so hard to manage an expensive hobby like figure collecting and not have a job yet >w< But when I do get a job, I'll probably spend a good amount of money on figures (hopefully not all of my money...but who knows xD) IA is definitely my favorite vocaloid, and her design is just so beautiful <3 But I like to listen to Gumi and Miku as well :3 Who is your favorite vocaloid?

Ooh Madoka Magica is soo awesome!! (I still need to watched the Rebellion movie though >w<) Who's your favorite character from Madoka Magica? :D I also enjoy the magical girl genre animes (and manga) and slice of life :3 Yes I do really like Love Live, the characters and the moral (never give up, try your best) of the anime is great~ (I always like asking people what their favorite characters are, so again who's your favorite character from Love Live? xD) I really want to watch Hidamari Sketch, because I like how the characters look and I've had my eyes on some of the nendoroids and figmas from Hidamari no Sketch~ One of my favorite slice of life anime is K-On! The characters are so cute and moe and its music themed~

Yes I love to play Osu! Omg do you play osu? :D
2 years ago
AmazyDayzee (3 years ago) #2579703Thanks for dropping by and giving me such a warm welcome! c: You look like a very pleasant person to talk to, and your profile page is nice as well. I'm so jealous of that IA figure you have, lol.

Hello~ I know this is a super late reply, I'm so sorry ;w; And thank you so much, you're so kind~ I'm glad you noticed that IA figure :D She's one of my favorite figures~ You've got a really great figure collection btw! I hope you don't mind chatting with me~ What are some of your favorite anime series? :3
2 years ago
Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
3 years ago
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