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Hi garuma, How are you? So, i saw you're tagged as a owner of a 1 figure of Askeladd. I've 2 ask for you: are you interested in sold this? And How you get this piece?

Thx for your attention
2 years ago
Hello! I hope I'm not bugging you, but if you were still interested in Dante, I'd be up to do $95 w/ free shipping if you're able to pay by the end of the day!
2 years ago
Whoops sorry, I took care of that! OTL
4 years ago
Thanks for selling Azusa Nakano 5th anniversary 1/8 scale by Stronger in good condition!

Also thanks for providing a secure shipping package!
5 years ago
AnimeGuruma8 years ago#1967460
Hmmm...series that I thought were great at first but then I disliked afterwards...probably the Bokurano anime? I thought it was great, but after reading the manga, I noticed the huge number of tweaks in the anime's synopsis...so now, if I ever recommend Bokurano to someone, I'd tell him/her to read the source material and to not watch the anime adaptation. What else...Oh, right, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. That was the anime that sucked me into the whole media, so at first I thought it was the best stuff ever, but now it's in my 'okay-decent' category. OH YES, I forgot, there's Lucky Star and K-ON! too. I guess now I'm not really into the whole cutesy-cutesy slice of life schoolgirl anime (there are SO MANY series like it nowadays!!!).
How about you?

Yeah, Trigger is a new studio but they're heavy hitting with character designs and director. It's basically taken the best people from the Gainax crew.

For me, a lot of series got old. I sold off a huge chunk of my manga, and am re-reading the rest. I've found, personally, that the shojo stuff isn't sticking anymore and I find it immature and silly. Though, when I was a teenager I was probably thinking in a similar vein to the girls in the manga haha. Re-reading them now, it's awful. Karekano anime stayed, but that was Gainax and they took liberties with it and made it much different than the manga.
Even old things that I re-read weren't as appealing, like Kenshin and Dragon Ball. In DB (towards the end) I could feel Toriyama's frustration and apathy. It was very saddening. I still love it, but I see it in a different way, now, especially after I know more of the history behind the making of it. Most of my shonen manga did stay, and I immensely enjoyed some series like they were new again.
CLAMP series seemed very dated LOL!!
8 years ago
AnimeGuruma8 years ago#1967200Oh okay, I get what you mean. Actually, I'm not really like that; I was born in the mid-1990s and I started getting into anime in middle school, so I didn't have that sort of experience. Though, now, I do consider myself as a more knowledgeable overseas anime fan compared to others (watching most shows every new season), if that helps.
Are you the 'get off my lawn' type? :)

Hmmm... I'd say yes sometimes. I have a hard time with some young anime fans that are extremely socially awkward, screaming catch phrases and handing out free hugs at conventions. I think anime is so much more available nowadays, and I had to struggle a lot to get it when I was young (everything was either very expensive, bootleg (fansub tapes), or I had to translate it myself). It makes me sad that old series which are much higher quality are overlooked for newer, flashier series that have a lot less substance and are the same stereotypes over and over again. I think Shinichiro Watanabe said something about anime being stale, relying on sex and unoriginal plot lines. I'm interested to see what he does with Space Dandy but I'm not impressed as of yet.
I see some redemption in Madoka, Kill la Kill (I adore Sushio), and Titan. I can't say I've seen something just like it, at least.
I probably don't keep up with as much anime as you (you sound like a champ!), watching every new series seems quite daunting especially when I can't stand a lot of it :-/. The boyfriend and I sit and watch a bit of each new show, maybe 5 minutes to a whole episode. Usually the series is nixed somewhere in that point, a few last until episode 7.
Are there any series you once enjoyed, but after a decade and a re-viewing/reading you couldn't swallow it/had outgrown it?
8 years ago
AnimeGuruma8 years ago#1966465Haha, as in considering myself way more experienced than newer collectors?
When have you started collecting?

Haha not so much that, but you've been around the block, watched 'classics,' was probably around when 1 ranma 1/2 graphic novel was $18 and a subbed video w 2 eps on it was $30+. The time of Media Play LOL. The time of sci-fi channel anime movies, project A-ko. When you had to send away to some shady place to get a C- quality copy of Sailor Stars.

You know anime wasn't always streaming, free & easy. Manga wasn't scanlated and there were only 10 series to choose from.

... Or maybe not XD
8 years ago
Wow started collecting in 2008, huh? Do you ever get that 'get off my lawn' feeling?
8 years ago
katsudon Play-Along Tsukkomi
Gotta say, love how impressive your collection is! How do you manage to find space for it all? =P
9 years ago
New ep review/discussion forum up. Sorry it took so long!

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9 years ago
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