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Trying to figure out how to shape my collection and not throw all my money at figures at the same time. Mostly collecting BNHA and fate figures at the moment. I try to fill the hole for other shows by buying nendos I like.


Thank you :)
6 months ago
Omg, congrats! That's amazing!
7 months ago
Doing great! Been a good year so far, just busy with uni and work.
How about you?
7 months ago
Happy Birthday!
7 months ago
1 year ago
Looking for an outlet I found my way here. I need to put my emotions into words. I am so, so sad about what happened today at Kyoto Animation studios. Truly heartbroken. I don't know what to do with my sadness. I really wish I could do something for the people who gave their best for us. To create the most beautiful pieces of art and stories we enjoy and love so very much. And now some of them are just gone. Taken away from this world just like that. I really hope everyone still fighting for their lives in a hospital somewhere in Japan makes it out alive to make a full recovery. My thoughts will be with them tonight and with the families whose loved ones will never come home again after today. All that remains for me now is to express my utmost respect, appreciation and gratitude from the bottom of my heart to all the employees of Kyoto Animation. Your works mean the world to us and your memories will live on in each and every fan out there all over the world through your art and the joy you have given us. This will not be the end.#prayforkyoani
1 year ago
Of course! You have a nice collection yourself! I see that we're both into My Hero Academia. =)
1 year ago
Hi there! I saw that you sent me a friend request. Nice to meet you!
1 year ago
Thanks :)
1 year ago
Yeah, Durarara was continued in the Durarara!!SH novels which has different characters but many of the characters from the anime are still in it.
1 year ago
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