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I'm Aoki. Collector since December of '13. Slowly amassing a small army of plastic fictional characters.

Newest addiction is Nendo Petits and Niitengos. So tiny. So cute.

Outside of collecting, I am a full time undergrad in a useless liberal arts field at a small, unknown university in a city renown for its drug dealers. I work on campus, I intern at a non-profit, and I volunteer at a local museum on the weekends. I can only sustain this hobby thanks to the graces of academic scholarships and the kind folks at home who pay most of my rent.

Feel free to drop me a line anytime.

Hunter x Hunter, Durarara, Tsuritama, Madoka Magica
Ao no Exorcist, Kuroshitsuji, Shingeki no Kyojin, Sankarea, Magi, Natsume Yuujincho
Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Mario & Luigi, Legend of Zelda
Alt-Pop, Indie-Pop
Moto X
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sarious Chino is Life
Thanks for the figure. It was in great shape and for a good price.
3 years ago
Hi, dropped you a message regarding a sale you have on one of the pages. Please let me know :) Thanks
4 years ago
Aokidanza (4 years ago) #2948261Hiii you left a comment on one of my selling lists asking about ITEM #125315. I've been off of this site for a while (obviously) but I just wanted to let you know that yes, I still have him and if you want him, just shoot me an offer. :)

Ah, thank you for getting back to me! But actually I just found him on Rakuten a few days ago for really cheap so I ended up ordering him. Thank you for getting back to me though!
4 years ago
Happy Holidays Wertz ^_^.
4 years ago
Aokidanza (4 years ago) #2426710Hi! I'm interested in trading for ITEM #118658. My trade/sale list is here: LIST #38300. Let me know if you're interested in anything!

Very sorry for the late response, but unfortunately that Asuka is currently on hold.
Thanks for showing interest though ^.^
4 years ago
Aokidanza (4 years ago) #243916980s, eh? Impressive. Not many series stick around for that long. I remember all the hype for Lightning Returns and then it released and I heard nothing more about it, haha. Must not have been up to snuff.
Soooo how was your Halloween? :D

Yeah the first game is pretty archaic though if you tried it out now. 4 was where the series really started to get it's own sense of rhythm to it, though for me 7 is when it really started to become something special. A true landmark of it's own.

I actually liked 13 quite a bit. It did have some annoying negatives but I liked it. 13-2 was decent enough but I still don't feel it was necessary to have a trilogy for the 13 games since the ending was pretty definitive for 13 it's pretty average plot wise anyway. I have next to no enthusiasm to try Lightning Returns again, and that's saying something considering how I actually liked the other 2.

Halloween was pretty bland this year. I went to work at for most of the day and got home later at around 7 or so to relax. It was pretty crowded with some last minute shoppers trying to buy Halloween supplies. I'm sure your Halloween was much more entertaining.
4 years ago
Aokidanza (4 years ago) #2431339Shield is just so... I dunno. Fake. Corny. It's basically just a bad drama show. Noting is realistic or relatable. Never heard of Constantine, hmm. My mother loves Arrow, another bad tv drama with some superhero stuffs. I can't stand it.
I've heard better things about the earlier FF games. Seems like the most recent ones aren't pleasing a lot of people. But maybe that's just a nostalgia thing, idk. How old is the franchise? 90s?

SHIELD seems like too much pandering and I don't really care about most of the members film versions or that Coulson guy. Arrow seems decent enough but I'm no really into the designs. I wouldn't mind trying it someday though.

It depends since some of the older games are kind of eh too. 2 is a pretty terrible game and some of the others like 3 and 8 are a bit of a chore to play. Although there's some pretty bland recent ones like X-2 and Lightning Returns. Late 80's actually.
4 years ago
Aokidanza (4 years ago) #2418393Gotham is really good, I'd recommend giving it a go. It's about the city before Batman, focusing on two detectives, so it's like a crime drama shoved into the comic book universe. Much better than that other one... Agents of Shield. I do not like that one.
Cool cool, I like historical references and bases. :D I've always been interested in FF but just never knew where to start. There's so friggin' many of them, it's kind of overwhelming.

I'll keep that in mind. No I haven't seen Agents of Shield either, it seems to be very polarizing. I'm not even vaguely interested in that one. Shield from the movies never really interested me. I might try out Constantine eventually.

I figured that would be the best way to interest you. Tactics is the only historical one though. It's just a matter of weeding out whatever you like. It's worth a shot to try most of them even if there are some stinkers. Tactics is good stuff even if it can be absurdly hard at many times. My favorites would be 7, 10, and 12. All for different reasons of course.
4 years ago
Aokidanza (4 years ago) #2416125Agreed, too much seriousness is bad, too. Everything in moderation!
While we're hanging on to the topic of comic books, have you seen the new tv series, Gotham? I just started watching it today and my god, I think I'm addicted. I don't even get all the references that a hardcore Batman fan would know and it's still awesome.
Tactics, huh? I've never played a FF game, so I can't really vouch for similarities, but the focus on political structures sounds like Magi. Though, Magi isn't so much about backstabbing as it is about warring factions and tyranny. Conflicts are dealt with up front, usually by going to war publicly, or forming alliances for personal gain. It's more simplistic than what I think FF would do, which I kind of appreciate, since making things too complex can hamper enjoyment of the storyline. And simplifying it makes it apply in a more broad way to real world situations.

It does get really boring when it's all just completely serious, I can think of some games and shows that this took them down for me.

I haven't really been keeping up on new comic live action films and TV series. I mean, I know their names and see the advertising, but I've never actually watched them. The most recent thing I can is The Dark Knight Rises, which was all right. It's nice to see lesser characters getting the spot light like Constantine and Harvey Bullock. Gotham seems more interesting than most of them at least.

I dunno it's mostly backstabbing, but since watching people scheme would make for a boring game, you do lead a small army into battles. It's story is really divided between 2 characters, one who fights up front and one behind the scenes. The only FF Game that is really political is 12. I liked both but you really do have pay attention since characters are often interested rapid fire, and there's a lot of viewer interpretation for the characters. It's sort of based of the real life War of the Roses, since you're into history.
4 years ago
Aokidanza (4 years ago) #2414080Actually, yes, I have had conversations with random people on the street because of my AoT hoodie. No joke. I've also had convos with people in the supermarket, around campus, in class, ect. Any fan item tends to garner a lot of attention. I also get into convos via my Pokémon stuff (wallet, hat, various T-shirts), which usually starts at video games and tends to land in anime territory eventually. Just today, some random dude complimented me on my Big Bang Theory shirt and we had a nice chat for a couple minutes. Not explicitly anime related, but still.
I don't like most of the newer movies. People were all hyped for The Avengers but I just wasn't into it. Same with the Captain America movies. Very meh.
Most of the shounen stuff I like actually doesn't publish in Jump, so maybe that explains it. Magi definitely does, though. Yes, I really like Magi, it is one of my main obsessions. I don't think you'd fancy it much, to be honest. It's rather light hearted, though it does deal with some serious ethical and political themes. If you can look past the occasional poor joke, it's a really solid series. What really drew me to it in the beginning was it's unique setting and the character designs. I love Arabian style clothing.
Yes, I agree, overbearing optimism is what ruins a lot of shounen. That optimism tends to turn into idealism. I don't mean to continue pitching Magi to you, but another great thing about Magi is that it crushes the idea of a "perfect world." Life is all about compromises, and you can't stop all the bad things from happening. In many ways, Magi is all about that fruitless search for a perfect world that can never exist. It's pretty sad once you think about it. But it makes it all the more interesting to see how the characters deal with obstacles and strive for cooperation despite the reality that not everyone can get along. Though the world is entirely fictional, and it simplifies a lot of things, it does a good job of representing the things we struggle with in the modern world - cooperation, acceptance and embracing differences. Socially, economically, and politically.
Sorry for the rant orz.

No, it was more of just a general claim, I've never tried it, so I can't comment on it. I can't think of many straight Shonens that I actually like. I dunno, maybe, maybe not. I actually like humor in serious shows, in fact I actually welcome it. Sometimes shows just take the self too seriously that you just stop caring and all the trauma gets blurred together.

I dunno I never watched The Avengers. I liked First Avenger though. Never got to see the Winter Soldier either.

Magi sounds kind of like Final Fantasy Tactics in a way. Tactics is very political and is very much a world half full story. The government, church, military, nobles, etc. all have their own petty quarrels over the most minor things, and everyone gets dragged down. They resort to backstabbing and gambits to solve their problems rather than diplomacy. In the end, the only peace restored is short lived and due to much backstabbing. It's not my favorite FF though.
4 years ago
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