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Hi ♥! I am Aoko from Buenos Aires, Argentina ☆ミ! Architect. Oneegyaru. Larme kei.
My favourite artists are Gosho Aoyama, Kia Asamiya and Yuki Kaori.
Just listing the official Japanese releases ;)

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Detective Conan, Magic Kaito, Kuroshitsuji, Teen Titans
Arsène Lupin, Sherlock Holmes, The Father Brown stories, Thinking Architecture, Pride & Prejudice, Peter Pan and Wendy

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Thank you so much for the update on MK btw! :D I'm glad there is someone who still reads the manga!! I was so unsatisfied with the cliffhanger on the anime so I figured I would wait for more to be released later on. Glad it is happening now :)

Also hahaha same here, I need to find some fanfics someday. Reading mangas and watching anime has consumed much of my time but I can't complain since I enjoy them all :3 Also you are right. It's mostly depending on someone's preference on whether to watch or read. I just love the atmosphere of watching it and see how the series grew :3 I would definitely read the manga too someday ^^
Aoko1412 (8 months ago) #20874450Aw, i love those couples as well!! I used to ship KaiShin too. Maybe I should read another fanfic one of these days...
Take your time, some people prefer more following the anime, others the manga. In the anime you get to see all the AO, and some fillers are actually good :)!
Oh, a new chapter of MK was published a week ago and this week there's another one. Apparently is a three part. So perfect timing
to catch up ;)!
8 months ago
same here. I support them! :3 As well as Heiji/Kazuha, Takagi/Sato (I'm fond of Kaishin as well aside from the canon OTPs lol). I love ShinRan too! But I can't deny I do find Haibara with Conan cute too >_<; (but of course childhood friend will have the upperhand! I find it inspiring how loyal they are to each other ^^)

Ahh it's going to take me a while to get to Amuro! (Though I searched it and they do seem cute :D) I'm currently watching the anime but I'm thinking maybe reading the manga would speed up my pace to the current timeline (I'm so slow omg). Also that's amazing! I got discouraged that MK manga would not update anymore ;_; I'm happy there will be new chapters <3

Aoko1412 (8 months ago) #20873612Thank you!! Oh, Kaito/Aoko is one of my biggest OTP! Glad we are having a few more MK manga chapters right now :3!! Also, I read the 5th volume of Magic Kaito will be published in July! Yay!
I love ShinRan as well. Aside from all the canon couples, I am currently obsessed with Amuro/Azusa X3 But it's also nice to see the confrontation between Akai and Rei :3!!
8 months ago
Your collection is great! Look at all the DC! AND manga...!! And the water color works of DC.. Sweet stuff! <= Thanks for the FR!
8 months ago
you're welcome! It really is very impressive :D I find it great as well. Love the avatar too btw! These two are just too cute ahh.

Haha you are right! It takes a lot of time but watching it grow is an amazing feeling. I shall take my time. And yes! DC/MK fans unite :D
Aoko1412 (8 months ago) #20873167Hi!!! Oh, thank you so much!! It's always nice to meet more Conan and KID fans!
I have been collecting Conan goods for a while, so you will probably have a greater collection soon ;)!
Oh, I must thank your friend as well :)!
8 months ago
Thank you for accepting the FR! :)
8 months ago
:o my friend (below this comment :D) told me about your collection and wow! I just had to drop a comment to say you have a wonderful DC/MK collection! I hope you don't mind the FR even though I'm still new to collecting DC/MK! :)
8 months ago
Hello fellow Detective Conan and Magic Kaito fan =D
8 months ago
Aoko1412 (10 months ago) #18699463Thank you for accepting the FR invitation! Love meeting more Conan Fans and collectors =D! Sorry for the late reply! You have a huge figure collection =D!
It's cool! Your collection is great, and hurrah! Conan fans unite!! 8D
10 months ago
Thanks for the FR!! Your collection is lovely!
1 year ago
Aoko1412 (1 year ago) #11445905Hi! Thanks for adding me! You collection is awesome as well! Love meeting more DCMK fans :3!
Hard to choose just one character, probably Kaitou KID. Nowadays, I am a little obsessed with Amuro :P How about you?

That's right. Too many good characters. Oh I agree..Amuro is awesome! *.*
I'm totally obsessed with Shinichi *.* (what a big surprise ^^ ) and I really like Vermouth. She's my favourite female character from the series.

How long have you been a DCMK fan?
1 year ago
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