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Araka7 years ago#9969713Ohhh nice! Congratz! I hope it gets to you soon :D
No I didn't know that. I sadly only have 1 D.Gray Man Manga. I haven't really had a chance to collect them, but want to in the future ^^
Thanks for letting me know tho :hug:

It is not release until November >< Yasusada 1/8 ^^
7 years ago
And I just go and order my first 1/8 figure~ XD

Btw.. just saw u owned D.Gray-man book... do u know that there will be a new anime for D.Gray-man this year? On June if I'm not wrong~ ^^"
7 years ago
Me too I don't have really money to spare either XD I just started 6 months ago! After this account is created XD
Well.. I actually regret sometime, if the items I brought are more of impulse buying...(whenever I see cute things) like keychains, phone strap etc, since I don't really know where to use them or display them! XD So I was like... no keychains, maybe phone straps (I will buy them if I found the items really really cute XD)
Figures, I don't mind... can't even regret it XD Since... I can display them at home and play with it. ^^ And they looks adorable too <3
PS: Thanks for the FR! :hug:
7 years ago
nyufufu~ welcome to the addiction? XD wonder if we will ever own the same figure........ lol!
7 years ago
HEEDLESS Sebastian~♡
^_^ **hugs** I see you!!!!

Nice to see you are here too... **CHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU*

7 years ago
May I ask, how long have you started this collection? This hobby? OwO
I just started it just last year ^^
I don't regret buying my Mikazuki his sleeping bag! ^_^ <3
7 years ago
Araka7 years ago#7551483Left you a Friend Request. I think? ^^
Received and accepted! Thanks for the FR ^ u ^
7 years ago
Ohh... I spy... Araka! *_* Good to see you too haha! XD
Nice collection u have there! Trafalgar Law~
U just joined? Welcome welcome! ^^
7 years ago
Welcome to MFC!! Hope you have fun!
7 years ago
Welcome to the board Araka! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^
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