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Welcome to my page!

I'm Architect and designer, fallen in love with Japanese pop and traditional cultures, enthusiast of mangas, anime, and of course, figures.
I started collecting figures in late 2018 with GSC's Kurisu Makise ITEM #78589, the very first character that attracted me into the rabbit hole of figure collecting.

I am always glad to meet new people in this friendly community so, feel free to talk! I gladly accept friend requests from people I've already talked with.
Sorry if I make some english mistakes.
~~~~~~Best shows: Steins; Gate and Evangelion

Best characters: Kurisu Makise, Rintarou Okabe and Asuka Langley.
Yeah, I love tsundere's with red hair!
~~~~~~My collecting rules, to stay as picky as possible:
- Focusing on scale figures, mainly from 1/8th to 1/6th
- Only figures of characters I know and I like
- Only one figure per character, except for a few favourites
- Focusing on figures faithful to the character's look in the source material or official artworks (with some exceptions if I love the design)
~~~~~~Next to anime figures, I also own some models of vehicules from french/belgian comics, lithographs, aircraft desktop models, Art Deco objects and film cells.
First commissioned figure project in progress!
Articles to come in the next few months!

Character: KIRIE TUAN
Character designer/ Illustrator: REDJUICE
Artist/ Sculptor : HEXADRIVE


Custom base for Alter's jersey Asuka (Blog):

https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2023/06/18/3633583.jpeg https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2023/06/18/3633582.jpeg
My bests, owned or ordered

Other non-MFC, owned or ordered

Instant (pre)order when available3

Having a look42

What I want into figures (clickable):




Darling in the FranXX - Zero Two - Shikishi (Aniplex)


kyoshinhei Unsanctioned figure repairperson
Merci chef ! ;-)
13 days ago
Bahl ⸻ ♥
thank you <3
24 days ago
Thank you :)
1 month ago
Hello Archi
Article is coming together nicely. Got a couple of pics to go with it. Just need time to get it finished.

Regarding steam loco it was a great uncle of mine and it could have been built between the 1930s to 1950s. He didn't have a family so it makes it difficult to get details.

You are absolutely correct about the way things are now regarding figure purchases. I pre-ordered Daiwa Scarlet ITEM #1293839 from Akimomo and now see that AmiAmi have a shed full of her preowned. I'm not sure how long I'll have to wait. It's almost been two months since her release.

Good work if you can get those figures for a decent price. Those china dress figures are extremely pleasing to the eye.

My latest purchase was this early Misato which I've had my eye on for a long time ITEM #18471

Cheers, momo
1 month ago
Hello Archi

I'm working on the article right now. I've decided to keep it very short as there is perhaps too much information to include and I don't want to overload the piece. I've since learned it was the a group of people who created this anime that went on to form Gainax.

I'll send you pictures of what I'm working on. At the moment I'm making some subtle additions to G36 ITEM #999410

The tractor meet went very well. I did see a steam loco that my great uncle built but unfortunately that is non-operational.

Been watching Zombie Land Saga/Zombie Land Saga Revenge. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend it.

On a sour note I very recently got my full priced pre-ordered ST AR-15 ITEM #781019 from HobbySearch only to see they had a sale where the same figure was discounted 32%. I wrote to them about it and I got the reply that old stock was on special to make way for new stock. As this figure was released at the end of August I don't see how it could be labelled as old stock. Wont be buying from them again.

Cheers, momo
1 month ago
Hello Archi
That's the Asuka I was trying to send you the link for.
(I don't know why these links don't work properly for you)
Asuka here is wearing a singlet and shorts as Misato would when she's in relax mode.
That's a good point about Asuka's well known self esteem issues married to drinking alcohol. If you take away the melancholic gaze and the can of beer that mature Asuka figure may be worth acquiring.
1 month ago
I see E2046 have a new 1/4 GK for Asuka.
Of interest?
Is Asuka emulating Misato?
1 month ago
Greetings Archi

Apologise for delayed reply work has been keeping far too busy to attend to the more important matter of worshipping anime figures.

Firstly, thanks for the Hobby Max Misato link. She will be another amazing addition. I agree about the Radio Eva figures quality. I only have Asuka Part 2 version and she is beautifully presented.

Other very recent additions are the fantastic 1/4 Rei from FREEing. She was worth the nail biting wait. Another figure is Shimada Chiyo from Girls und Panzer. Here I think her body sculpt is incredible and so was the asking price. I wish there were more mature women figures like her ITEM #740330

Good job on selling Faye. You took your time here (haha!)

The situation with madmike is we just talk about certain projects and their possibilities. It is more a one way street as he appears to be ceaselessly working upon some diorama. I can full well appreciate he just hasn’t the time to progress with all builds. My Gertrud Barkhorn is a very simple affair. I take one Kotobukiya Gertie Barkhorn ITEM #33456 and will build and mount a model of the FW190D aircraft the real pilot Gerhard Barkhorn flew on the blue base between her striker units.

The EvaGeeks link I sent you was to take you to the page of the actual proposal for the Evangelion anime. I did test it before I sent it. The hardest part for me to write about Evangelion is to keep it simple, not be overly subjective (especially about Rei) and keep it as brief as possible.

Another Gainax milestone which may be easier to write about is that 40 years ago, in 1983, they produced an anime that first featured the bunny girl. I’m thinking of s short sharp article here of the evolution of the bunny girl from Playboy beginnings in 1949, the outfit redesigned to what we know (the original was more like a conservative one piece swim suit)as a French lady modified it in 1963 to its adoption by otaku, as like the French Maid and nurse, purely for the fan service. Known as Daicon Girl IV, there has been an anniversary kit released of her www.1999.co.jp/...

Like madmike I just need to find the time to get all of the above (plus more) done. What perked my interest was day dreaming about Black Bunny Aoi and that my boss was watching a streamed tv show at work about inside the Playboy Mansion.

I don’t think there will be any steam tractors where I’m going. I will certainly enjoy the tractor meet. There is a miniature railway there as well. A great uncle of mine built some working model steam locomotives of that size and apparently they are at that pastoral museum. That is what I hoping to see there.

Talk soon, momo
2 months ago
The biggest problem I face with selling figures is not so much what to off load (even though there's some tearful choices to make, ha ha!) but I enjoy the interaction of selling with people rather than selling online. I just like the items I sell (I've sold) find good homes. It's a good feeling to make the sale and pocket the cash to use for future purchases/projects.

For me its books that I'll find hard to part with. I've been gradually going through model kits as well. Most of my car kits have been sold.

Haven't looked at the figure market to see what prices are being asked. The closest I get is looking at AmiAmi and see what they have preowned.

I'm the same when it comes to a lot of the unlicensed nude figures. There are a couple of very over-sexed Uma Musume figures appearing and I find them either distasteful or even creepy. But there is a market for such figures and they sell.

Regarding Madmike and Gertrud from Strike Witches. In our correspondence we have discussed potential projects involving her. I think he might be planning something with this figure ITEM #237254 and while he was waiting for her to turn up I did some measuring of her and sent dimensions of various accessories.

On September 20 in 1993 the proposal for Evangelion anime was unveiled and for that 30 year anniversary I thought to write a brief article about it and its subsequent influences in anime and merchandising. You can read the proposal on Evageeks wiki.evageeks.o...(Translation) In the end I couldn't be bothered, I'd rather concentrate on other projects of more meaning. But who knows, if I have spare afternoon I might just finish it.

On a brighter note to finish, in a couple of weekends time I'm taking my father to tractor meet in Hamilton, Sth Western Victoria. I was surprised to learn that the industrial designer Raymond Loewy (you must have heard of him!) did styling of some Farmall tractors. I ended up buying a book about him. Looking forward to learning more.
2 months ago
At the very least you'll have a bit of time to rework the room so to speak.
There are a few figures I have that I feel the same way about by that emotional attachment fading from them.
I've bought a lot of figures over time not because of their actual character but purely for their looks. I really understand where you're coming from here.

The last figure (non-Eva) that I bought where I was 'emotionally involved' with was this cute fig of Lise Hohenstein ITEM #236302 She is as evil as she she is gorgeous. A definite keep.

I have a lot still stored in boxes and I really have reached the point where the hard decision has to be made and start selling. Bottom line is my unit is full of crap - books, model kits and anime figures.

Jesus Christ! Are you trying to give me a heart attack after seeing Mari in a slingshot!! If I had the money I'd buy all of them. Imagine if Misato was given the same treatment - yes please. The only issue I have is with these Mari's is the hair colour. Too red for me. I did preorder the cheaper head though (right hair colour).

Podium scene is a possibility. I'm only working on one anime display at the moment. That is Getrud from Strike Witches ITEM #33456 (You can blame madmike for that). I'm really concentrating on getting more model kit package art edited at the moment.

One issue I'm having with MFC is that I really don't understand what some of the articles are about that people post. Maybe its generational but there are certain topics I just don't get.

Anyway, thanks for that Mari link, it's really made my day.
2 months ago


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