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A friendly guy who dived late into anime figure collecting
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Welcome to my page!

I'm Architect and designer, fallen in love with Japanese pop and traditional cultures, enthusiast of mangas, animes, and of course, figures.
I started collecting in late 2018 with GSC's figure of Kurisu Makise, the very first character that attracted me to the rabbit hole that is figure collecting.

I am always glad to meet new people in this friendly community so, feel free to talk!
Sorry if I make some english mistakes.
~~~~~~Best shows: Steins; Gate and Evangelion

Best characters: Kurisu Makise, Rintarou Okabe and Asuka Langley.
Yeah, I love tsundere's with red hair!
~~~~~~My collecting rules, to stay as picky as possible:
- Focusing on scale figures, from 1/8th to 1/6th
- Only figures of characters I know and I like
- Only one figure per character, except for a few favourites
- Focusing on figures faithful to the character's appearance in the source material or on the official arts (with some exceptions if I love the design)
~~~~~~Next to anime figures, I also own some models of vehicules from french/belgian comics, lithographs, aircraft desktop models, Art Deco objects and film cells.
~~~~~~One of my favourite pictures, just for fun: Asuka as a Race Queen next to the 1953 Ferrari Arno XI Hydroplane.





Yae Sakura, Mandarin Gown ver., Apex, Honkai Impact 3rd

Holy Grail, finally owned:

Toujou Koneko, High School DxD Born, Pulchra

Coming very soon or on the way2

Nekopara - Vanilla - 1/6 - China Dress Edition, STD Ver. (Alphamax)Nekopara - Coconut - 1/6 (Hakoiri Musume)

Instant pre-order when available4

Having a look20





Characters I hope a scale figure of:
(or something different than what exists)



C'est pareil pour ma statue de Femto haha, j'ai pas de place ! ('-')"" On se montrera le résultat !
6 days ago
Vu ton talent tu vas sûrement pouvoir lui faire une petite vitrine personnalisée! Style cube!
6 days ago
Holy, c'est bientôt !! Je t'envie !! Tu lui as prévu une vitrine rien que pour lui ?

Ah oui t'as carrément essayé de traduire, t'es volontaire ! Mais oui haha l'intrigue est mostly très visuelle en effet
7 days ago
Je crois que la mienne arrive au Q3-Q4 :) elle a été delayed ! et toi ?

J'ai quelques doujinshis effectivement mais ils sont écrits en japonais et c'est mostly du hentai donc bon haha je doute que l'histoire soit profonde !
8 days ago
Couvre-feu à 22H, c'est un rêve ! J'imagine que ce n'est pas comme avant, mais si au moins tu peux de temps en temps te sortir un peu de tout ça, j'en suis ravie.

Merci :) une œuvre emblématique, je ne pense pas ? Je dirais plutôt que le style de l'illustrateur/auteur l'est, mais après je crois que ce ne sont que des doujinshi (il y a un anime court aussi).

Ah super pour l'EVA !!!! J'ai si hâte de voir tes photos :) !!! On est deux à avoir commander une statue de ce fabricant, c'est cool !
11 days ago
Yahallo Defrosting Ice King
Archiwheel15 days ago#94892650By a happy coincidence I clicked on your profile today. At first I thought I was on another profile, then I doubted... to finally realize that this is the most elaborate april fool I have seen !!Haha, I can't believe that I managed to trick you!
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Don't worry, Yui is the one true best girl for me!
14 days ago
Effectivement c'est loin d'être l'idéal... Tu arrives à sortir t'aérer un peu ? ou voir quelques proches ?
J'espère aussi, à voir ce que donne le discours du président ce soir.

Oui j'ai du nouveau ! Trois figurines de l'illustrateur Raita : Misa Suzuhara et Selvaria Bless !! Et toi ?
17 days ago
I also found that we have many things in common in terms of buying figures. Especially the fact that we only buy figures if we truly like and know the character or show. I have seen people spending a ton of money on buying figures that they don't really like or know about the character or show, just because they look nice, which is ABSOLUTELY ok. However, I can NEVER justify buying a figure from a series or character that I don't know about, with the exception that the sculpt looks absolutely breathtaking and a masterpiece. Even then, I wouldn't go out of my way to pay the inflated after-market price for it. If I see that character at a decent price, I will get it, if not then I won't. Overall, I'm glad that we have the same opinion when it comes to buying figures. I truly pray that I do not fall down the Miku or Fate/Saber rabbit hole because I've seen people spending a fortune on Miku or Saber and they don't know anything or very little about these 2 characters/show and they just bought them continuously because "they look nice". For me, that's a very slippery slope that I would absolutely want to avoid.

P.S: I've read your article about designing your new house and your figure display areas and I've to say they look absolutely amazing. I especially enjoy the glass box figure display that you have in your living room. It really elevates the beauty and value of your figure which I wanted to do someday as well. I have seen people spending a fortune on figures only to cramp them together in a nasty overcrowded shelf. I mean if you could spend a ton of money on figures, you could at least spend some budget on a proper display case right!?
18 days ago
Oui ça va merci :) et toi comment tu vas ?
19 days ago
I really hope that UC will not disappoint as well, considering that Evangelion is such an important franchise, I heard very positive things about their ITEM #899435 so I really hope that UC has improved more lately. If the final product looks like the prototype, doesn't have to be better than the prototype then I think it would be a masterpiece.

There are so many new Evangelion figures out there, mostly prize figures, not a lot of scale. And non of them have a decent Rei sculpt which I have been looking for. The nicest sculpt I've seen so far is ITEM #1126662 but Rei is not in her original suit, unfortunately. Anyways, I really pray that UC will come through with this one :)
19 days ago
Your source for old and rare figurines!


Architect, furniture designer
Steins; Gate, Neon Genesis Evangelion + rebuild, Chobits, GTO, High School DxD, Food Wars!, Darling in the Franxx, Akashic Records, How to raise a boring girlfriend, Bunny girl senpai, Accel World, A silent voice, Houseki no Kuni
All about Architecture and Design, various mangas, French and Belgian comics (especially Universal War)
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Black hair, Red head, Tsundere, Cat girls, chinese dress
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