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«A college student's bank account is a cruel mistress.»
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Heyo. I go by AstoriaMercury in a lot of places, so you'll see me around. I'm a classic example of jack of all trades, master of none. That is to say, my very limited budget as a college student is stretched even thinner by my otaku hobbies, which include drawing, cosplay... and now, collecting figures at an excruciatingly slow pace. I only really got started in cosplay this year and I hope to eventually be able to make some of my own costumes when I have the spare time to learn how to sew ;-;

Anyhow, you can find me drifting about mostly on here and Instagram, where I'll post art and other stuff I'm into.

My profile picture is by the artist Kinta.


Personal rules for collecting:
- Nendoroids/chibis or scales only, with the rare exception of a well made prize figure
- Have only one each of a character that I like from a game series or one of the shows I've watched: myanimelist.net...
The exception is for different variants of my favorite characters.
- Scale figures must have good resale value
- Scale figures need to fit with planned aesthetics of display
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Madoka Magica, Steins;Gate, ERASED
BlazBlue, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Fate Grand Order
MOE Point(s)
Ahoge, Zettai Ryouiki, White hair, Fangs, Twintails
iPhone 6S
Macbook Air


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I'm unfortunately not going to be able to go to AnimeNYC. :(
2 months ago
So sorry for the late response. But that stinks, but is kinda good at the same time! AnimeNYC is getting closer and closer! :3
2 months ago
Right? I believe there was a way to quote a message without it going to your own profile, but I don't believe that's possible anymore. :/

And that's good! What're you up to?
2 months ago
Hello! How are you? ∩(︶▽︶)∩
2 months ago
AstoriaMercury (3 months ago) #26276754Thanks for accepting my FR! I noticed we liked several things in common ^^

Thanks for sending it! =)
3 months ago
AstoriaMercury (3 months ago) #26329478Thanks for accepting my FR! You have very good taste btw- all of your ordered figures are on my pretty figure wish list! =w=b

Thanks, I moved a decent amount of nice-looking figures off my wishlist onto other lists because I don't want to spend all that money lol.
3 months ago
AstoriaMercury (4 months ago) #25681864Happy birthday~!

Thank you!
4 months ago
Thanks for the FR ^w^

also, I never replied, but I hope you can make it to Nakakon! I haven't flown recently so I'm not aware of ticket prices but ;_;
5 months ago
AstoriaMercury (5 months ago) #24105275You should go again! It's a pretty big con for the area so I think it's worth it. I saw quite a few PMMM cosplayers around too~
I'll have to see if I can get the days off work next time! and if I can remember Do you plan to go?
5 months ago
AstoriaMercury (5 months ago) #24085875Heyo! I'm from Kansas too though I study out of state.
Do you go to Nakakon, by chance?

Hey! I went once two or three years ago. I've been meaning to go again but I'm bad at keeping track of time. I do somehow always manage go to the tiny Wichita one since that's much closer tho
5 months ago
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