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Height: 156cm (5'1")
Weight: 40kg (88lbs)
3 Sizes: 75cm/58cm/82cm (29.5"/23"/32")

You can find everything I'm selling here

Current focuses
- Persona 3
- Persona 4
- Persona 5


Hello! I had a question about an item in your list. If you could pm me whenever I would be really grateful. Thanks!
1 year ago
Atashi7 years ago#3968325I-It's not like I wanted to wish you a H-Happy Birthday or anything, geez!

Thank you, sorry for the late reply. > . <
So tsun.
7 years ago
Happy birthday =)
8 years ago
Atashi8 years ago#2399873Noodles, I...

*lick lips* Thanks.
8 years ago
I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
9 years ago
Happy Birthday yo!
9 years ago
Hi, sorry to bother here but my PM is full. You have some slots in front so just wanted to check if you could get back to me on the Free! Color Colle thread club/618/discus... If you need more time, please comment there as well. Thanks!
9 years ago
MoonFigures Sailor Senshi of Wisdom
Atashi9 years ago#1768604I usually search the product name and go through listings until I find a site that has the JAN code. Then I search the JAN code to make sure it's not a typo and at least 2-3 different sites have the product listed under the same code.

Ahh ok. I thought I was missing some secret code list. That makes me sad because none of the sites I know are bringing it up D= Thank you though!
9 years ago
MoonFigures Sailor Senshi of Wisdom
Hey there, thank you for updating the Sailor Moon brooches I posted.

I was just wondering where you found that info? I never know where to look for the JAN codes.
9 years ago
Kyoya9 years ago#1736145hi! I Was wondering where did you order ITEM #164646 this D: plushie .. and where can i found it ;w; if its not a problem <3 ty
I ordered him directly from Surugaya's main site. Hope this helps!
9 years ago
Japan Hobby Store


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