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Hi! I'm Azukay. I'm just a regular person who likes anime/manga. I like shounen/seinen a lot, but I enjoy shoujo, too. Good stories matter! (´・ω・`)

MY SHOP! EVERYTHING MUST GO! (Pricing is negotiable!!♥)
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13 months agoLynette21Lynette21
Happy Birthdayyy! Hope you're having a wonderfull dayy ^^
14 months agoChibiZeeChibiZee
Thanks for joining the Trigger Club! :)
111 months agotanteiokuokutanteiokuoku
Happy birthday
11 year agoChunChunChunChun
Azukay (1 year ago) #5215139Thanks for the Harvest Moon Miku Nendoroid group order! She arrived safe and sound; no damage at all. I have no complaints on the way you packaged it. You did an excellent job on your very first successful group order! Glad to do business with you. ^u^
Thank you for letting me know, and especially for taking part in the group order!
I'm glad everything went smoothly =)

Happy Winter!
12 years agoCarolNiceCarolNice
You're welcome! Jojo fans should always be friends! ;DAzukay (2 years ago) #2776009Hello! Thanks for the add. I'm glad to see that you like Jojo too! ^o^

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