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A fanboy of all things cute: animals, girls, boys, whatever. I especially love all cats.

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ITEM #7692

if anyone can tell me where to look or buy or if you are selling yours, even the whole original Vol. 3 set, please PM!
Gatchaman Crowds, PMMM, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Katekyou Hitman REBORN!
Professor Layton, Dark Chronicle, Level-5 games in general, The World Ends With You, Ragnarok Online, Pokémon, Tales of Symphonia, Xenoblade Chronicles
MOE Point(s)
Blondes, Pink hair, Glasses, Thigh highs, Nekomimi hair style, Sleepy
Classical, EDM, Video Game OSTS, Classical EDM Video Game OSTS

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thanks for the bday wishes! =) i can't see the specific image but I clicked the pixiv of the artist - LOVE IT!!! and kufufu, yea it's been a while =D talk to you later!!! and I'm going to Japan early next year... kufufu... I might be able to proxy shop if there's something specific you're looking for...
18 days ago
omg finally able to get back on... so ehem, sorry, I replied your PM via email directly cuz MFC was down >< here, these are the can badges I got from Jump Store, soooo cuuuuute~~~~

I totally failed to get Dino, so sad...
3 months ago
holy crap! did you see, the consolidation fee will be ZERO after Aug 15!!! yes!!!
4 months ago
agreed - manga art over anime art, but I'll take anything Hibari XD omgggg Dino scale,
I wouldn't be able to stop myself from getting that either...!!!!! his tattoos are wonderful~
and yeah, the Naruto Nendos gave me HOPE because it means Jump IS a possibility!!! XD
4 months ago
otamart.com/ite... that's not bad at all!! birthday set...
4 months ago
yeah Hibird is adorable, I have a lot of Hibird stuff too <3 but my collection is overwhelmingly Hibari... lol... I have... a lot of... Hibari... XD like. a lot. I SAW THAT PILLOW IN YOUR COLLECTION!!! And I was hella wondering about that LOL!! But yeah, if KHR makes a comeback or has a remake and starts coming out with more goods I AM SO SCREWED. I watched KHR really late in the game cuz well, I only started watching anime maybe 6 years ago...? so KHR was long over by the time I got around to it, so it was difficult for me to find Hibari goodies, I always had to hunt eBay... I mean, I know they release stuff every now and then but still not the same as when it first came out and people were going all crazy over it.

I agree that it'd be nice if there was more Dino stuff including 1/8 figures! <3 above all, I really want KHR Nendoroids...

I think I'm mixing my PM response with my comment response lol... I'll reply the rest in PM later. XD
4 months ago
LOL wait, you mean you buy for the Hibird, not Hibari?! XD I do love Hibird as well,
but only because Hibird is related to Hibari <3 I'm unreasonable like that. XD And of course I like Dino as well, since they're my OTP. Kufufu. But yeah, Dino is awesome. ^^
4 months ago
Omg! You have so many Hibari's! :D that's awesome. I saw that there's a referral bonus on FJ, so if you would like... if you can give me your referral code, you can earn 500 points it seems, by referring me? I will be looking into FJ versus Blackship, depending on fees... but if FJ is reasonable, i think they will be the easier route for me. Thanks again for the info!
4 months ago
BVibes (1 year ago) #6780091This is it my friends. This is a very important moment. (°◇° )

-steals your Utena figure and backs very slowly away-
1 year ago
I found yooouuu
1 year ago
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