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  • Would you accept £25 for Asuka?
    4 months ago
    Trying to contact you but your inbox is full.
    6 months ago
    2 years ago
    Hey, your inbox is full :)
    2 years ago
    Hi, thanks for the nice feedback (:
    3 years ago
    BalalaikaBles3 years ago#17161840I really like your collection! Lots of awesome stuff :)

    Thank you! I see we both have quite a few Selvarias in our collections!
    3 years ago
    BalalaikaBles3 years ago#17161815Lovely collection! I especially like the Selvaria and Bayonetta penchant :P

    Thank you very much! :-) Selvaria and Bayonetta is absolutely my favorites. Great and beautiful characters! You have a nice collection too ;-) Great taste!
    3 years ago
    BalalaikaBles4 years ago#7579174Ah!
    Did not see the pre-orders started!
    They'll have to stop making them eventually, I plan to make a custom case for them all, wouldn't want it to get too crowded!
    From what I know the Charagumins are extremely high quality and can be assembled with relative ease but are so expensive, you would want it done properly anyway.
    I am having someone paint mine:
    ITEM #161635 is done
    ITEM #104820 is in process
    ITEM #152089 is for last, want to make sure the holy grail gets done right!

    Yeah, the last one is the one I want the most. So yeah, the price isn't really an issue that much. I saw them on eBay, at first I thought they were already made so I was going to order them until I've seen that they come literally as a kit. So yeah if I do get it I'd like to be done properly (or maybe you could make one for me and I'd buy it from you haha)!
    Anyway, once I'm back from vacation I'll maybe give it a try. You're talking about painting and that's scaring me, looks like those GKs REALLY need work. Any specific tools you'd need before? Otherwise I might ask a friend for help and call it a day!
    Also, a pleasure to make your acquaintance, if you happen to play a lot on your PC hit me up on Steam, or on PS4 if you have one.
    4 years ago
    BalalaikaBles4 years ago#7579164Why thank you! :D
    My Selvaria collection is almost complete! (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง
    I am in the process of getting the Charagumins painted, maybe I should post some pictures :P

    Haha yeah, that'd be awesome!
    I've been thinking of getting the GKs but I'm not someone who's really handy or organized so when it comes at assembling something I always fuck it up, so I'm not sure about getting them, are they complicated to build?
    Also don't forget to order the Vertex swimsuit figure if you didn't! I see on your profile that it's still in your wishlist, so just making sure you're aware before it's too late!
    4 years ago
    Perfect taste.
    4 years ago