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Belomi13 days ago#98403750Ahaha, no problem! I was just clarifying that I was moving to Kobe this year (visa exemption, wooo), so that's why I had used a physical proxy in Japan before. It wasn't anything too informative.
Ah, I think I did read that one and actually replied haha. IIRC you didn't mention who it was that you used in that comment, either. I suppose they're no longer providing that service or you just don't recommend them? That's pretty awesome you get to live in Japan! Maybe I'll keep you in mind if I ever need something from Kobe lolol
12 days ago
Hey there! I had written a post yesterday about using personal shoppers in Japan but it got deleted and I can’t remember what you wrote or if I even got a chance to read it lol (the email notification I got only says you commented). If you don’t mind, could you remind me what you wrote? Even if you can’t, I appreciate that you took the time to read and comment!
13 days ago
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