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Hi! I’m pleased to meet you~
At the moment I’m an Art student as well as a fulltime magical-girl enthusiast who has been collecting figures/anime related merch for a few years now. I’ve watched anime for as long as I can remember and I’ve been reading manga ever since Elementary school (my favorite artists are CLAMP and Arina Tanemura).
Sailor Moon has held a very special place in my heart ever since I was in Pre-K and the love increases with each passing day. My second favorite anime is the Evangelion franchise, both the t.v. series and Rebuild films. My OTP happens to be KawoShin~
I also enjoy singing! My favorite anime theme song of all time "Yuzurenai Negai" from Magic Knight Rayearth~ <3
I’m a pretty jolly and optimistic kind of person who tries her best to always look at the bright side of things, so yay positivity!
Thanks for reading and have a nice day! :D
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Sonic Unleashed & Sakura Wars: So long, my love
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